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Recap: Quench Cocktail Class

We had the best Saturday last weekend. Not only was it the most stunning weather and the Cherry Blossoms were in full bloom, but we also had a party bus waiting for us at Cori Sue’s house, ready to take us to a cocktail-making class at Quench.

Twelve of us …

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National Eggs Benedict Day – NYC Guide

Canadian bacon, Florentine, crab cakes, smoked salmon. No matter how you top it, throw well-poached eggs on some variation of an English muffin with creamy Hollandaise and we’re in Benedict heaven. It’s National Eggs Benedict Day so we’ve compiled a list of our top Bennys in New York City. Eat …

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Recap: #TipsiTuesday Tasting Event

This week, Ally and I had the pleasure of joining the creative minds at Tipsi and all of their photogenic friends for their first #TipsiTuesday tasting event and the celebration of their official NYC launch.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Hosted by Tipsi, Palm Bay International Wines, and Vitae, the night was full of good …

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Review: Steve Cohen Chamber Magic

I’ll pretty much take any excuse to get dressed up in a ritzy hotel for a night out on the town. I was struggling to find a creative experience as a gift for my boyfriend and after a few coworkers recommended Steve Cohen’s show I was sold. Cocktail dress code? …

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Recap: Piola’s Carnival

After a traumatic Fat Tuesday in college (read: a whole day spent in the clutches of a killer hangover), I swore off the holiday for life. There were to be no more days celebrating the beaded, bourbon-fueled, debaucherous holiday that is Mardi Gras.

My poor liver just couldn’t take it—that …

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Review: Then She Fell

I admittedly have some quirky interests, two of which being immersive theater and the works of Lewis Carroll. Which is why my boyfriend, Andrew, really hit it out of the park this Christmas when he bought us tickets to Then She Fell.

Haven’t heard of it? Neither had I, which …

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Recap: Bluemercury Launch Party

While I’ve always been known for my extensive makeup regimen, as of late it has become a few swabs of mascara, a dab of lip balm, and I’m out the door. What has my life become? Luckily enough for me, scoring an invitation to the party celebrating the opening of …

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Recap: NYC Beer Week Brewers Choice 2014

As many of you drinking aficionados know, we’re smack in the middle of NYC Beer Week, the 6th annual 10-day celebration of local craft beer.  NYC Beer Week, sponsored by the New York City Brewers Guild, includes multiple beer events throughout the boroughs, including festivals, tastings,  menu pairings, and dinners. …

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Recap: Dolcezza Factory Opening

Cold gelato is not what I typically think of as an enjoyable treat during a winter night, but Dolcezza gelato is an exception. I’m convinced this stuff should be enjoyed year-round.

The company’s new factory, nestled behind Union Market, offers a warm and welcome atmosphere for its guests. It has …

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Honey, Ricotta, Berry Muffins

My book club is kind of hard to beat: fabulous ladies, oodles of gossip, far too much wine, and delicious cuisine. My only issue is that my hostessing skills and culinary shops pale in comparison to the likes of Diana and Lauren.

Our December meeting was held over brunch, …

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