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Review: Hack the Met

If you’ve read any of my past New York culture reviews (such as Then She Fell, Steve Cohen Chamber Magic, or Morning Gloryville), you’ll already know that I love to spend my time exploring the quirky activities that this great city has to offer. Most of these offbeat …

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Recap: Bacon and Beer Classic

There’s nothing more American than baseball, beer, and bacon. Combine the three during a gorgeous, sunny August afternoon and you’ll have a stadium full of happy campers. I got to experience this trifecta first-hand during the Bacon and Beer Classic’s NYC event at Citi Field, home of the New York …

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Recap: Rosé & Cheese with Chateau D’Esclans

There are few things I love more in life than a nice glass of wine and a few gooey hunks of cheese. I’ve pushed aside the fact that I’m more than likely lactose intolerant, merely swapping my skim milk for almond in morning lattes, because the thought of giving up …

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Review: Stupid Fucking Bird

I was a little shocked when I got to my seat in the Woolly Mammoth theater and realized that I was sitting in the very center in the first row. The stage was at my chin, and I was looking up at the actors, actually in their line of spit …

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Recap: DC Magazine’s #ClicquotMail Party

Like any good millennial or social media fiend, I love Instagram. Naturally, I follow a slew of fashion and food bloggers in New York, Washington, and beyond.


Recently, my Instagram was littered with a certain signature yellow—that of Veuve Clicqout— with the hashtag #ClicquotMail. Yes, you have mail, and …

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Recap: Copperwood’s Summer Dinner Menu

Typically, I dread leaving the District. No matter if it’s Virginia or Maryland, a trip beyond my comfortable city has me grumbling about the inconvenience. However, on a recent Monday, I exited Washington—heading to the non-metro-accessible Shirlington Village—and had the most perfect evening.

In a rare bout of timeliness, I …

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Recap: PJ Clarke’s Lobster Feast

For a classic institution in Washington, PJ Clarke’s sure does like to mix it up. This is a welcome and surprising change from the other American, traditional downtown restaurants that serve the same menus day-in, day-out without special functions or any sort of variety.

By contrast, PJ Clarke’s hosts fundraisers, …

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Recap: Washingtonian Best of

Each year, Washingtonians re-emerge for the party of the summer, the Washingtonian’s Best of Washington.

The fete celebrates the magazine’s annual “Best Of” issue, which has been published for more than 30 years, and invites readers to vote on the best people, places and services in the DC, Maryland, and …

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Review: Carrie: The Musical

I was never one to watch scary movies growing up. Why be terrified on purpose? But I do remember seeing Carrie, the 1970s blood bath, which not only scared me of angstful telekineticist teens but also—let’s be real—high school in general.

Then I went to high school and college and …

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Recap: Barr Hill Gin Club at the Winslow

Gin is something that I’ve learned to love with age. In college, the only gin I encountered was in plastic bottles with a strong Pinesol-esque aftertaste, leaving nothing to be desired. Post-grad as an avid olive-hater, I steered clear of martinis until I discovered the cocktail served up with a …

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