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Diana’s Pancakes Place in Aruba

It had been a delightful week of sun and fun in Aruba, but I realized I had yet to brunch. I’d spend the week with a group of journalists hosted by the Aruba Tourism board as part of a media trip exploring the island—you can read my Aruba Travel Guide, here.

We’d gone paddle boarding, horseback riding, banana boating, swimming, and more—it was an incredible experience of outdoor activities and animals. Animals? Yes, I’d made friends with parrots, iguanas, fish, and flamingos in my short time on Aruba. The six-year-old in me, who wanted desperately to be a veterinarian, had a heyday with the wildlife.

Diana's Pancake Place 5I’d spent most of my time with McKenna Bleu, a sweet friend of mine who is also a well-known fashion blogger. We’d had lots of fun on activities, meals together, and getting dressed up, island style—and McKenna was more then happy to join me for brunch. Diana's Pancake Place 2

Just 15 miles north of Venezuela, the island of Aruba was formerly a Dutch colony, which means there are European, South American, and island influences on its culture. The brunch on the island? Dutch pancakes—with several restaurants serving just that. We decided upon Diana’s Pancake Place, which was a short walk from our hotel, Hilton Aruba.

The spot was darling—the covered patio had ceiling fans, a chalkboard sign listing the pancake selection, and wooden tables and chairs. However, rather than wooden table tops, the tabletops were made of blue Dutch tiles, which was a fun, feminine touch.

We were greeted immediately by Diana, a tanned, blonde, Dutch woman who was quiet and kind. She got us waters and took our orders promptly. The place serves two items—pancakes, or sandwiches—in a wide variety.

Planning to share, McKenna and I ordered three pancakes: the apple bacon, the brie, walnut, and honey, and the fruit. We were eagerly anticipating the arrival of the apple bacon.

Dutch pancakes are enormous—the size of serving platters—and thin, thicker than a crepe, but thinner than an American pancake. The batter is more moist and squishy, and less fluffy, like American pancakes. The ingredients are baked into the batter, and spread evenly throughout. The apple bacon was heavenly—enormous, hearty chunks of bacon with baked apple circles in each bite.

Diana's Pancake Place 14You can’t go wrong with the combination of brie, honey, and walnuts, and it was even better when rolled up in a pancake. I’d eat this every morning, if I could. Diana's Pancake Place 10The fruit pancake was served plain, with fresh strawberries, melon and pineapple in the middle. It provided the opportunity to try the plain pancakes with American Maple syrup or Dutch syrup—the Dutch was too sweet for our liking! Diana's Pancake Place 8

If you’re in Aruba, Bitches, you must make time for brunch—experience the authentic Aruban breakfast while supporting a small, women-owned business.

Diana’s Pancakes Place
Next to the Old Mill

Diana’s Pancake Place serves breakfast 6 days a week from 8 a.m. to 3p.m., closed Mondays.

Bitch Biz: We were hosted by Visit Aruba to experience all that this #OneHappyIsland has to offer. 

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