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Diablo Royale Party Brunch

This weekend was a marathon, and Diablo Royale served as both the pre-game and the main event. My friend’s quarter-life birthday meant I had the opportunity to plan a surprise boozy brunch for her and 16 of our friends; one of my favorite things.

Finding accommodations for that large number of people would give anyone a panic attack, especially given the coordination it takes across both your party and Manhattan restaurants generally unequipped to deal with a raucous group that size. I was shocked at both how uncommunicative and unwilling restaurants were to host our large promise of revenue, but that’s a story for another day.

Diablo Royale Brunch

Before I go on, please note- I added “party” to the subject line of this brunch. This is not the status quo brunch you would get if you went to Diablo Royale this weekend, as I had to sign over my life in the way of a contract and pick our courses ahead of time. However, there is a $25 bottomless deal for normal brunches that you won’t want to miss.

As with any group brunch, 12 p.m. meant 12:30 for many of my friends’ fashionably late mantras, and the restaurant was incredibly accommodating despite our sixteen-top commodity that sat bare for thirty minutes. Given that they had my credit card, they could have charged us and started the bottomless clock right at noon, but they were really great about it.

After successfully pulling off the surprise, we got involved with the unlimited sangria and mimosas and started snacking on the dangerously addictive cinnamon sugared tortilla chips. I was also taking in the funky West Village atmosphere and enjoying the sun cascading on our table from garage-style open windows.

Diablo Royale Brunch

Our first course was French toast, which was served with heaping amounts of syrup on the side, allowing each bruncher to douse as they wished. The French toast was straightforward and tasty, with a no frills approach and a perfect portion for everyone to have at least two to themselves.

Diablo Royale Brunch

Our second course was the breakfast quesadilla, which was served with eggs, pepper bacon, Chihuahua cheese, roasted peppers, and roasted tomato-cascabal salsa. This was my favorite, as a hybrid of my two of my favorite things: Mexican quesadillas and brunch. Once again, this isn’t a dish I would dream about, but I enjoyed it enough to go back for seconds and thirds.

Diablo Royale Brunch

I’ll interject that at this point I’d lost track of the sangria count, because they were literally bottomless the entire brunch. The beverages were fabulous and easy to drink.

Diablo Royale Brunch

Diablo Royale Brunch

Third course was their rendition of a huevos rancheros, which was served on a personal plate instead of family-style like the first two. This dish consisted of crispy corn chips topped with black beans and ranchero salsa, scrambled eggs, jack cheese ,and avocado. Most of us could barely finish this entree, but not because it wasn’t good. Sangria vs. beans. Sangria wins.

Diablo Royale Brunch

Last course (yes, there was another course), was the chicken tacos, served shredded with Spanish tomatoes, smokey spices, onions, and queso fresco. This was the course I could have done without; I felt the chicken was a bit dry compared to the other brunch entrees dripping in sauce and flavor, but other friends loved the variety.

Our hour, fifteen minutes, and four brunch courses came and went in the blink of an eye. (Insert camera blur and day of debauchery here). Let’s talk quickly about cost. For enough food to feed the restaurant..drum roll please…$30 per person, not including tax and tip. I don’t even need to tell you how exceptional this is.

The story of this Saturday was fueled by a morning of unlimited sangria, enough family-style brunch courses to feed an army, a fabulously friendly, attentive waiter who understood the true meaning of “bottomless,” and a great group of friends. So..yeah, it was pretty kickass.

The Bitches say A-. For killing the cheap group party brunch without sacrificing the Mexican food, and for offering us a perfect venue for a lively boozy celebration.

Diablo Royale
189 W 10th St.
(West Village)
(212) 620-0223

Diablo Royale serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:30 a.m. to TBD (not noted on website).
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