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Sometimes, you feel bored, uninterested, and generally disappointed with the state of things. I’m fortunate in that I rarely feel this way. But, recently, winter was wearing on me. I found Washington tiresome, the weather was droll. I was cold; I was sick; I was bored. I was disenchanted.

As always, life—and the seasons—improved. Things began looking up when I enjoyed a week of inspired meetings with creatives, entrepreneurs, business owners, and charity folks doing dozens of amazing things across our little city. I was thrilled.

Then, I had a delicious two-hour window-side brunch with a charming, chatty, effervescent photographer named Kate. Before I knew it, a month or so had passed; it was warm; the cherry blossoms were blooming; I was tanned and healthy; and my disenchantment was laid to rest.

My brunch date was Miss Kate Warren, the gifted photog behind Go Kate Shoot, who shoots fashion for Brightest Young Things, Washingtonian, Refinery29, New York Times, and more.

When I arrived, Kate, dressed stylishly in layers of knit sweaters and fur with ankle booties and dark-red lips, was sitting window side on the second floor of DGS waiting for me.

“The staff were accommodating and generously reserved a cozy pair of seats by the window for us,” she told me later. “With a view of 18th Street and an airy, intimate interior, the vibe was really nice for such a cold day, and I was really looking forward to the heavy comfort of Jewish food.”

I whisked in, joining my lovely date. And, so began a long, chatty, inspired brunch in Dupont. We covered everything from fashion and photography to bisexuality, dating, and the roles our mothers have on our careers and as role models. If only all conversations, brunch or otherwise, were as glorious as the chatter between the two of us.


“The service was attentive and friendly, at times almost too much so,” she said. “They checked in a bit too often for my taste.”

We shared everything, beginning with the parfait, made with walnut granola, apples, digs, dates, and honey yogurt. Served in a short tumbler, the parfait was crunchy, healthy and creamy. The honey added some sweetness and I liked that the granola was made with walnuts rather than almonds.


Next up, the sides of potato latkes, served with creme fraiche and DGS apple preserves. The latkes were fried quite crispy and the apple preserves paired very nicely with the latkes.


I ordered the side of bagel and shmear, with is a toasted Montreal bagel and cream cheese. You can also add smoked salmon spread for an extra $2. I was really out of it that morning, so I read this as smoked salmon. So, I was quite disappointed when the bagel arrived sans lox.


But, the waitress quickly brought out some of DGS Deli’s special, oh-so-fresh and pink salmon, which is 24-hour cured and cold smoked. It’s unlike any salmon I’ve had, and, as a pescetarian, I eat a lot of it. You can also order the entree of smoked salmon platter, with salmon, a bagel, and all the garnishes.


Kate had the Benedictberg, with poached eggs, smoked salmon, latkes, and sumac Hollandaise. Regarding her Benny, Kate said, “I’m a sucker for the dish, and when served on homemade latkes instead of English muffins, it was a fresh spin and my favorite of everything we ordered.

The French toast was on fluffy, pillow-soft bread, that was really quite comforting. It was, naturally, Challah bread, as this is a Jewish deli. It was sprinkled with toasted, sliced almonds and fresh berries—blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries—and powdered sugar. Rather than traditional syrup, it was apple maple syrup. Another nice touch.


Per the Bitches Who Brunch rules, there were doughnut holes on the menu, so they were ordered.


However, the winner of dessert was the Challah chocolate chip bread pudding, topped with salted caramel ice cream.


We both left stuffed, sleepy and in need of post-brunch naps. Unfortunately for us both, there were no naps to be had. Kate was working on the (now launched) redesign of Go Kate Shoot, and I was off to run a dozen miles (literally). It’s a good thing I carbo-loaded.

The Bitches say: A+. High-quality ingredients. Gourmet deli cuisine. Attentive service. A chic ambiance. Just really good.

DGS Delicatessen
1317 Connecticut Ave. N.W.
Washington, D.C.
(202) 293-4400

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