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D.C. Goes Au Naturel With Domestique Wines

There are already plenty of organic skeptics. The skepticism only grows stronger when you add the elitist vision of wine that costs more than $2.99. This begs the question “what’s the difference?” The difference is in the details.

Natural wine has no formal definition, but is generally classified as a wine that comes from grapes grown with organic or biodynamic practices. It is usually produced with a low intervention production process (ie: no added sulfites or sugars but with ambient yeasts).

There’s not a specific label that depicts whether or not a wine is natural, but the recently opened Domestique wine shop in Bloomingdale/Eckington has done all the research for you. Beyond the all-natural grapes, the shop has a design of ’70s nostalgia, with record players and unstained wood shelves housing all their beautiful bottles with just as beautiful labeling.

Domestique was created in partnership with Selection Massale and Jeff Segal, wine purveyors from Oakland, California. The shopkeepers and sommeliers welcome patrons on both ends of the connoisseur spectrum. From weekly tastings to sponsored events with sommeliers, distillers, producers, and chefs, Domestique is bringing much more than grape juice to town.

If you’re on an introductory level to natural wine—or any wine for that matter—Domestique has approachable Sauvignon Blancs to get your taste buds tingling. Or, if you’re a frequent glugger of the good stuff, they’ll find you something funky and aromatic enough to transport to you a far away land.

The wines sold at this little corner shop are affordable and can be purchased online—they even deliver locally in Washington, D.C. If this is your first time hearing about Domestique, brace yourself because it surely won’t be your last. They are going to change the local wine scene as you know it—or as you have yet to.

Dannah Strauss

Dannah is our toughest critic. With a food and drink background, this Bitch brings her sophisticated opinion to the D.C. dining scene. Dannah is our D.C. editor and has all the restaurant intel. She's always game to try something new, but when it comes to brunch, she's looking for the classics done in an exceptional manner. French toast over pancakes, and bloodys over mimosas, always.

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