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D.C. Best Brunch Bites of 2015

We only have a few more brunches on our 2015 calendars, which means we can’t help but reflect on all the delicious bites we’ve savored this year. Earlier this week, we brought you the annual Best and Worst Brunches of 2015, and today, we’re talking about the most memorable booze and bites we’ve had in D.C. this year. So, flag this post for the next time you’re craving a chicken fried Benedict, or chopped liver, or just really good coffee. Here’s the low down on the best bites we’ve sampled at brunch this year.

Best Bubbly Cocktails: Chez Billy

We’ll take our brunch cocktails served in coupes in a beautiful, vintage inspired cottage in Georgetown. The cocktails at Chez Billy match the restaurant’s French, Prohibition-era style perfectly: Kir Royales and French 77s, made with St. Germain, lemon, and cremant, are utter perfection. It’s the perfect spot for an upscale girls brunch. Read the review, here.

Chez Billy Brunch 5

Best Boozy Milkshakes: Silver 

Silver comes to us from the owners of Silver Diner, and if it’s one thing diners do well, it’s milkshakes. The brand and the milkshakes got an upgrade with the arrival of Silver and its boozy milkshakes. Go for the Baileys and coffee version of the Drunky Monkey, with bananas, rum, and a Sailor Jerry float.  Read the review, here.


Best Mimosa: Doi Moi

The Blood Orange mimosa at Doi Moi was absolutely beautiful, and tasted just as great. This is the mimosa that brunch dreams are made of. Read the review, here.


Best Smoothies: True Food Kitchen

We’re utterly obsessed with True Food Kitchen, a healthy, anti-inflammatory restaurant that’s vegetarian, gluten-free and paleo friendly. The restaurant, located in Mosaic, serves up delicious grub. Regardless of how great the menu looks, start with the smoothies, you won’t regret it. For a hearty smoothie, order the Weekend Warrior, with bananas, flax seed, almond butter, low-fat yogurt, and apple juice.  To rehydrate after a Friday night, order the Hangover RX, with coconut water, pineapple, vanilla, and OJ. Read the review, here.

True Food Kitchen Brunch 6

Best Coffee: Chesapeake Room

The Chesapeake Room is a beautiful space that serves the best local coffee from Compass Coffee, which is served in an individual French press. Plus, the resto got inventive, crafting a Maple Bourbon coffee cocktail and a iced coffee mojito. The only thing better than real good coffee is booze in our real good coffee. Read the review, here.

Chesapeake Room 7

Best Charcuterie: The Pig

We went ham over this “Little Pig” charcuterie plate. This massive spread has five types of meat, pickles, olives, fruit, mustard, pesto, and bread – so much you’ll barely have room for your entree. Read the review, here

the pig

Best Boozy Innovation: Hank’s On The Hill

Don’t get us wrong, we Bitches love a good boozy milkshake. But we love it when a restaurant gets a little more creative with their unexpected alcoholic pairings. That’s why Hank’s On The Hill wins for their boozy cereals; the spiked Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the perfect start (or finish) to a brunch. Read the review, here.


Best Salad: Casa Luca

Honestly we can’t believe we’re giving a prize for best salad either. But the kale caesar salad at Casa Luca blew us away. The simplicity of Baby kale and frisee topped with crumbles of farm egg, capers, fried bits of bread, and shavings of Buffalo milk Barilotto cheese made for a very satisfying starter. Read the review, here.

Casa Luca Brunch 27

Best Chopped Liver: DGS Delicatessen

We realize chopped liver is not for everyone. But, for those of you with an adventurous palate, DGS has some of the best chopped liver dishes we’ve ever sampled, topped with crispy chicken cracklings and pickled onions. Read the review, here.

DGS Mosaic District

Best Appetizer: Fig Tartlet at Fig & Olive

If appetizers could be sassy, the Fig tartlet at Fig & Olive certainly would be. The dish arrives topped with a towering rosemary sprig, and features layers of proscuitto, gorgonzola, arugula and flakey, buttery croissant pastry. It’s beautiful, and utterly delicious. Look at you, sassy brunch pastry. Read the review, here.


Best Dumplings: Chaplin 

There wasn’t really any brunch food at brunch at Chaplin, but the cocktails and dumplings were damn good. Perfectly crispy on the outside, topped with fresh spring onions, and filled with meat-and-veggie goodness, we’ll Read the review, here.

Chaplin Brunch 21

Best Ceviche: China Chilcano

We love China Chilcano for their inventive dishes. They also happen to serve our favorite ceviche in town, the Nobu, Usuzukuri, or the Flounder ceviche, served with watermelon radish, white soy ponzu, drops of sweet pepper, and Aji limo. This beautiful dish was sweet, fresh, and light. Read the review, here.


Best Bacon: DC Harvest 

We rarely discriminate against any bacon, but when we ordered the homemade cherry wood smoked bacon at this charming row house, we were blown away. The bacon is as amazing as it sounds: enormous, crispy, and nearly caramelized with the cherry wood smoke. Read the review, here.

Best Bagels: Glen’s

The bagel sandwich at Glen’s Garden Market is the best thing Cori Sue ate in 2015. These bagel sandwiches are actually so large you can’t fit them into your mouth. Cue the sexual puns. Read the review, here.

Glens Garden Market Brunch 39

Best Chicken and Waffles: Bar Deco

The chicken and waffles at Bar Deco stole the show. The gluten-free, perfectly cooked chicken accompanied by the fluffy, not dry, waffles, were perfect on their own, but add the house-made whipped butter and drizzled with sweet Jalapeno jam and we were smitten. Read the review, here.

Bar Deco

Best Brunch Pasta: Centrolina

The gnocchi were over-sized pillows stuffed with ricotta cheese, slathered in a sage butter sauce, with slices of apricots accompanying each bite. This decadent dish could easily have passed for dessert. Read the review, here.

Photo Sep 13, 12 05 49 PM

Best Comfort Dish: St. Arnold’s

When it’s frigid outside and you just want something for brunch that’s warm and comforting, head to this no-frills neighborhood spot in Cleveland Park for it’s Waterzooi. Yes, you read that right. The Belgian beer joint serves up this huge plate that looks like a soup, tastes like a deconstructed chicken pot pie, but is actually a classic Belgian Liege waffle, chicken, and vegetables all sitting in a rich, piping hot broth. Read the review, here.

St. Arnold's Brunch

Best Fried Chicken Benedict: Scarlet Oak 

All we need to tell you is that Scarlet Oak serves a fried chicken eggs Benny. Actually, we should also tell you this fried chicken is served on house-made, moist buttermilk biscuits. With all this hearty goodness, it’s great that the Hollandaise is light, rather than dense versions we’ve had in the past. Read the review, here.

ScarletOak 7

Best Brunch Burger: La Tomate

Who’d expect a burger at an Italian restaurant to hit the spot? The brunch burger at La Tomate is enormous, delicious, and oh-so-messy. This greasy burger is perfectly season, topped with proscuitto and a fried egg. You’ll need two napkins. Read the review, here.

La Tomate Brunch 40

Best Waffle: The Pub And The People

The Pub And The People brought their A game to the brunch scene with this eye-catching creation.  The S’moreffle is the perfect dessert dish for two, with graham cracker waffle, melted milk chocolate, toasted marshmallow and maple syrup to boot. Read the review, here.

Pub & The People

Best Egg Dish: Shakshuka at Compass Rose

Compass Rose is just a cool spot for brunch. The Shakshuka, an Israeli brunch dish, was hearty and satisfying. The eggs were baked into an incredibly flavorful tomato and piquillo pepper sauce, and surprise bites of feta. Read the review, here.

Compass Rose Brunch 23

Best Pancakes: Right Proper 

The pancakes at Right Proper Brewing Co. were no fuss, no frills, just delicious. Simple and well executed, these pancakes were medium in thickness, moist and buttery, and slathered with Nutella, which obviously sealed the deal. Read our review here.

Right Proper Beer 36

Best Crab Cake: Inn at Perry Cabin

St. Michaels is the perfect weekend retreat, with boats, a quaint town, and this crab cake sandwich from Stars Restaurant on the Inn at Perry Cabin property. With virtually no filler, this fresh jumbo crab cake is definitely what Maryland is all about. Read the review, here.


Best Dessert: Lavagna

Who knew a little carafe could contain so much goodness? The chocolate pot du creme at Lavagna is topped with caramelized pecans and a thick layer of chocolate caramel. Beneath those layers is perfectly thick, smooth, and creamy chocolate cream. Strategically insert your spoon to ensure each bite has the crunchy, sugar-coated pecans, the caramel, and the chocolate. Read the review, here.

Lavagna Brunch

Best Unique Dessert: Rasika West End

We can’t stop and won’t stop dreaming about devouring this warm Indian bread pudding topped with creamy cardamom ice cream garnished with pistachios, raisins, and saffron.  Read the review, here.

Indian Bread Pudding

Best French toast: Capella

At first, we were disappointed that those raisins were masquerading as chocolate chips, but we were so wrong. The cinnamon raisin French toast was warm, thick, and fluffy, sprinkled with powdered sugar. The house-made whipped cream made the dish—we slathered each bite with whipped cream and syrup. Read the review, here.

Capella Brunch 2 26

Best Monkey Bread: Republic

Bitches, if you have one of our bites in 2015 be sure that it’s the monkey bread from Republic. The warm, pull-apart bread was layered with ribbons of the most perfect caramel. We’re bananas for this bread, which was pure brunch nirvana. Read the review, here.

Republic 12

The Bitches

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