Cupcake Queens: Frosting Cupcakes

We all know I love cupcakes almost as much as I love brunch. We also know I rarely leave the District. But, there are two reasons I brave the red line to head to Chevy Chase: Bloomingdales (and all the other great shopping), and cupcakes from Frosting.

I first wrote about Frosting when it opened on Chevy Chase Circle in May of last year. The story is too cute to be true: Owners Michelle and Todd Bracken met on, fell in love, and he helped her fulfill her dream of opening a bakeshop. Their adorable story was covered by the Washington Post, and made into a book by well-known romance novelist Alison Kent. The bakery just celebrated its first year anniversary with a cupcake eating contest and free cupcakes in May.

Photo credit: Frosting

Frosting’s ‘nilla ‘nilla is the best vanilla cupcake in the city. It’s made using a secret family recipe and the finest vanilla extract. There are daily flavors–vanilla, red velvet, chocolate-vanilla, vanilla-chocolate, and chocolate-chocolate– along with a large expanded menu of creative flavor concoctions that rotate seasonally and can be special ordered.  Some that caught my eye: campire, a chocolate graham cracker marshmellow s’more cupcake, Joe n-Dough, a coffee cake dougnut bottomed cupcake (wow), The G’man, gingerbread with lemon frosting, and many more.

We’re loving on Frosting because (a) the cupcakes are yummy, (b) as writers, we love a good story, (c) as girls, we love a good love story, and (d) sweet Michelle is providing Summer Brunch Soiree attendees cupcakes to to take with you as you leave the party.

It will be a sweet, special day. We’ll see you there!

Photo credit: Frosting

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