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Copperwood Tavern Brunch

It was a rare opportunity that nearly all the Bitches Who Brunch were in town. Ally had come for a weekend from New York, Deidre and Amanda Jean had cleared their busy calendars. And a potential New York Baby Bitch was in town, as well.

Becca and Cori Sue decided such an occasion demands a fabulous brunch. So we piled into a cab and headed south to Shirlington Village, enjoying the sunshine with our windows down as we sped across the 14th Street Bridge.

Copperwood Tavern Brunch 28

It was a gorgeous day outside, and we were tempted to take up Copperwood Tavern’s lovely patio, which provides plenty of people-watching in the bustling little village. Alas, some of the girls were a bit chilly, so we cuddled up on plaid banquettes inside instead.

Copperwood Tavern is like a gorgeous hunting lodge oasis in the middle of suburbia. There are ducks hidden away in the rustic wooden bookshelves that line the walls. There are even canoes and knick-knacks about. It’s like a supremely classy Cracker Barrell, just as comforting, but the food is infinitely better.

We sat around a big wooden table and were greeted by our peppy male waiter (who didn’t seem at all intimidated by our huge group of gorgeous women). First thing first, metal tins of popcorn were delivered to the table—the perfect snack. The popcorn wasn’t laden with butter, but instead had a dusting of lovely spices, and was served warm.

Copperwood Tavern Brunch 5

We all ordered cocktails. Becca’s Bloody Mary was in a pint glass with a sugary rim. It had plenty of horseradish but wasn’t spicy enough for her newfound Mary taste.

Cori Sue and some of the other girls got mimosas and bellinis, which were nice and freshly squeezed. Perhaps it was just what the doctor ordered, but the mimosas at Copperwood are startlingly good.

Copperwood Tavern Brunch 13

Our waiter was amazing with the coffee—it was as if it were in an IV, he kept refilling, topping off, and even refreshing when our mugs got too cold. God bless him.

We ordered a number of appetizers to start, including a huge dish of the local oysters, which was passed around and around the table. Always one to indulge in oysters given the opportunity, AJ was pleased to see that Cori Sue was adamant about ordering the starter while Becca looked on in disgust.

Copperwood Tavern Brunch 19

City Bitch Ally is a fan of oysters, too. These were Rappahannock oysters served in the traditional style, cold on a bed of ice in a round tin pan with cocktail sauce, mignonette, and lemon wedges.

The French toast sticks came in another metal tin, like the popcorn. It was a cute way to serve the appetizer, and we loved the orange honey butter and maple syrup in dipping cups. However, the sticks were large—enormous actually—and fluffy. We cut them in half to share.

Becca, our resident Brit, went straight for the Scotch eggs. The big eggs were breaded and fried in thick, spicy breakfast sausage. They were served on a bed of frisee salad and mustard.

Copperwood Tavern Brunch 27

We also ordered the lamb sliders. The three mini burgers came with goat cheese and red onions, and the bread was fresh and had a nice buttery coat. It was AJ’s favorite dish. The meat was tender and juicy and satisfied the Bitches enough that they weren’t looking frantically for the next dish to arrive.

Our stomachs satiated, it was time to get to business. First, we had to get to know the newbie at the table, a potential Baby Bitch in New York (quite the job). We all asked her questions about her job and her life in New York, and she held her own, surrounded by Bitches.

Copperwood Tavern Brunch 34

Ally regaled us with tales of what’s happening in the City. She’s working on an amazing film project, which we will took note of (tickets to the premiere, s’il vous plait?). Amanda Jean and Deidre caught us up on their latest news, too.

Finally, the entrees started to arrive. Ally had the duck hash—two large poached eggs on a bed of duck leg confit, potatoes, onion, carrot, and bell pepper. It wasn’t a huge dish, but it was substantially filling.

Copperwood Tavern Brunch 41

Cori Sue had the steak and eggs, though she was more interested in Becca’s chicken and biscuits, stealing a bite when Becca went to the restroom. The steak was cooked well and on the side were two properly poached eggs. The dish was clean, prepared properly, and made with fresh ingredients. The potatoes that came with nearly every dish were just greasy enough.

After eyeing the variety of Eggs Benedict options, Deidre ultimately went for the Quiche Lorraine. Fresh from the kitchen, the serving was large, gooey, and piping hot. She worked her way through it quickly enjoying the taste of gruyere cheese, thick bacon, and caramelized onions in each bite. The dish had a side of greens, making it probably the healthiest on our brunch table that day.

Copperwood Tavern Brunch 43

Social Bitch Amanda Jean went against her anti-gluten rule and ordered the ricotta blueberry pancakes. While delicious, the pancakes were a bit dense and didn’t quite compare to the silky ricotta pancakes she’s experienced at other eateries. It made it hard to justify the impending stomach ache.

Copperwood Tavern Brunch 48

Becca’s fried chicken was the best dish of the brunch! The huge fried chicken breasts were perched on warm house-made biscuits and covered with maple-chicken jus. The dish was sweet, boneless, piping hot, and heavenly together.

Copperwood Tavern Brunch 1

We left full and happy, and parted ways after hugs and photos together. Becca, off to raid Shirlington’s boutiques with her Goddaughter. And the rest of the Bitches, back to Arlington and the District for oven more Sunday afternoon fun.

The Bitches say: A. Just enough of everything for a big group of hard-to-please Bitches

Copperwood Tavern
4021 Campbell Ave
Arlington, VA 22206
(703) 552-8010

Copperwood Tavern serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

Becca and Cori Sue

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