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I feel a little guilty for being so tough on the folks at EatWellDC, who own Commissary, Logan Tavern, Grillfish and The Heights. I’ve eaten at the first three several times, usually through events planned by friends. Logan and Commissary are in my ‘hood, and truly are neighborhood gathering spots for our gang. Commissary has a spectacular happy hour, it’s literally between five of our houses, so we gather there often. The restaurant definitely lives up to its motto.

Additionally, I support EatWellDC’s missions: the restaurants are powered by clean energy, vegetarian friendly, eco-friendly, and affordable, all things I can get behind. I want the food to be good, I really do, but it never is. It’s not that the food is bad, not at all, there are just so many better dining options in the District.

As y’all know, we ripped apart brunch at Logan Tavern. Thankfully, brunch at Commissary, while not spectacular, was much better.

On this particular occasion, I was graced with the presence of my relations—mom, dad, and everyone’s pride and joy, Daisy Mae, which meant patio dining was essential. Commissary is dog-friendly, another bonus.

I’m not sure what’s with the hostesses at EatWellDC restaurants, but they’re usually incompetent, unable to tell you the wait time and generally overwhelmed by the people standing at the podium. (The one at Logan was downright nasty). I understand it’s usually a high school/college student, and I was once a brain-dead 18-year-old hostess, which is why my restaurant career lasted a total of 2 months. I digress. The hostesses began as incompetent and unable to complete a sentence and progressed to…incompetent and terrified of yours truly, who, per usual, was being a Bitch. While a hostess doesn’t make or break a dining experience—it is the diner’s first look into the restaurant.

When we were finally seated on the patio, it was crowded. So, crowded, mind you, that the woman next to me was nearly sharing her salad with my Shih Tzu. She was none-too-pleased. Our waiter was amicable, albeit slow.

My parents thoroughly enjoyed their drinks—an IPA for pops and a Bloody Mary for La Mama. But, when do they not enjoy their drinks? The apple does not fall far from the tree, my dears. In a rare moment of healthful thinking, I chose the strawberry-banana smoothie, which was truly delicious. But, it would be pretty tough to screw up a smoothie.
For our entrees, my father opted for the traditional Benedict, which he said was good, but the preparation was “mediocre at best.” The home fries were delicious: well-seasoned, crispy, oily and flavorful.


I opted for the caramel pecan buttermilk pancakes, a stack of three pancakes with a generous helping of bananas, pecans, and caramel sauce on top. The pancake itself was just an average pancake, but the sauce and bananas on top made it absolutely scrumptious. When we brunched Logan Tavern, I had the caramel pecan French toast, which arrived cold and hard with hardly any caramel pecan sauce—clearly the pancakes at Commissary a block away are the way-to-go.


Mom had the mozzarella, tomato and basil pizza, which was a pretty typical thin-crust pizza—nothing more, nothing less. It was good. She ate it, she liked it. However, it could have used more tomatoes. Her side of onion rings was covered in a light, crispy, tempura-like batter that was mouth-wateringly good. The rings were served with BBQ sauce—another unique touch that we thoroughly enjoyed.


Daisy ordered the organic sweet potato dog treats, but was more interested in Mom’s pizza. She got some, of course, because she always gets what she wants—mini Bitch.
The Bitches say: B-. Casual restaurant with average food, affordable prices and mediocre service. Definitely the best EatWellDC has to offer—and a fine option if you’re in the neighborhood.

1443 P St. N.W.
Washington, D.C.
(202) 299-0018

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