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Clyde’s Brunch

A note from the Bitches: Cori Sue sat down to brunch last Sunday at Georgetown staple Clyde’s, with friend Daniela and Daniela’s best friend from home. Brunch was delicious, and courtesy of Clyde’s. Daniela’s been a regular there for four years now, so we thought we’d let her take the lead on this one. 

There’s something about a Sunday brunch in Georgetown that just gets you in the spirit of the holidays.  Clyde’s is quite possibly my favorite place in all of Washington: the perfect mix of classy restaurant and easy-going bar, with great food and cocktails, and most importantly, great service.  From a stool at the bar, or a spot on the patio, to a booth in the omelet room, they’ve got it set.

In the corner cozy booth sat myself and my best friend Melanie from Kansas City. We had a bottle of Chardonnay already opened when CS whisked in, frazzled and tardy as usual. (Bonus: bottles of vino are half-off until 10 p.m. on Sundays at Clyde’s)

I’ve been going to Clyde’s through four chefs now, and the fourth has done an amazing job bringing excitement to the brunch menu.


For our first course, the manager brought us out a twist the chef took on their deviled eggs (which have crab meat and pancetta, WHAT?!).  Melanie has never liked deviled eggs.  She devoured hers.

A crunchy crumbly cinnamon coffee cake was also placed on the table– a great way to start your day.


We ordered the crab tower, which Melanie has had every single time she’s visited me in Washington, and happens to be Cori Sue’s favorite thing about Clyde’s too. That’s something all three of us can definitely agree on: that there is nothing in the world comparable to Clyde’s crab tower. Coconut rice, seaweed salad, jumbo lump crab meet, avocado, fish roe and wonton crisps, all in one dish– how can you go wrong?


We requested 1.5 orders (my idea) of the Eggs Chesapeake, to enable us all to share. It was a classic dish, done beautifully with a great Hollandaise sauce, Old Bay, and the perfect poached egg. Most importantly, the crab cakes were filled with crab meat and not a lot of filler.


Next up, the Denver Burrito, filled with scrambled eggs, black beans and veggies, topped with pork sausage, and a delectable green chili sauce, was amazing.  At present, I’m on a juice cleanse and I’m starving just thinking about this brunch dish.


The only thing I note that needs improvement would be the potatoes.  All the ingredients are there– including yummy fried onions and lots of flavor– but the potato felt too hard, too chip-like, and not soft enough; unless of course that’s the idea.

The French toast, made with Challah bread, was an enormous dish and served hot. It was topped with cinnamon apples and served with syrup. It was good–but not the best French toast we’ve ever had. Cori Sue has high standards with both men and French toast, so we’d suggest Clyde’s new chef revamp this dish, if possible, in order to pique these ladies’ interest. We’ve seen what the man can do with deviled eggs and a crab tower– the French toast should follow suit.


We concluded with the chocolate chip vanilla bread pudding, served in a bowl rather than on a plate. This makes sense as once you dig your spoons into the bowl you’re surprised with chocolate at the bottom. While all three of us were “too full for another bite”, this dessert was donezo before we knew it.


As for the ambiance, I could have sat in that booth all day and drank half price bottles of wine until they kicked me out. We nearly did.

The Bitches say: A. A Washington institution with great service, a cozy ambiance and a reliable, comforting menu that they spice up
Clyde’s Georgetown
3236 M Street N.W.
Washington, D.C.
(202) 333- 9180
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  1. Oh…the crab tower…By far my favorite brunch dish in DC ever. It’s been ages since I’ve been to the Georgetown Clyde’s for brunch (used to be a weekly thing back in the day). I think I need to go back now for sure.

  2. My husband,son and I ate at Clyde’s for dinner the last time I was in DC. The food was awesome. We have to come back for Brunch.

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