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Clear Cafe Brunch in Bali

Like every morning in Bali, it was a beautiful morning in Bali. My boyfriend Robert and I began our exploration of this magical island in Ubud, known for its lush free-range monkey forest, countless stone carvings lining the streets, and hippie following.

We started our day with a dip in the pool at the villa followed by an invigorating class at The Yoga Barn, famous for its retreats and cleanses. By mid-day, we had worked up quite the appetite so we hopped on our motorbike and headed to Clear Cafe.

Clear Cafe in Bali

I was immediately smitten by the cheerful, airy ambiance that greeted us atop a steep set of outdoor stairs. Thick, smokey incense wafted through the air and we carefully stepped around delicate Hindu offerings on the steps. The restaurant was quite spacious and reminded us of a tropical tree house.

Clear Cafe in Bali

We were already feeling quite healthy following yoga, so we started with some beverages that were chock-full of superfoods. The majority of drinks on Clear Cafe’s menu contain Irish moss, a mineral-rich seafood with healing properties.

With drink options such as elixirs, tonics, infused waters, and smoothies, I immediately had decision fatigue. I wanted to try everything! Ultimately I tried the Green Clean juice, a refreshing mix of green papaya, tumeric, ginger, spinach, and apple, while Robert sipped on the Semangka with watermelon, pineapple, and local honey. We took advantage of the cheap abundance of tropical fruits in the area and these drinks didn’t disappoint.

Clear Cafe in Bali

Everything on the menu was calling my name so naturally we ordered four items for only two people. We were probably being judged for being stereotypical fat Americans, but hey, we were on vacation mode. Plus, this food was too colorful (and healthy!) to pass up.

Clear Cafe has a robust breakfast menu with gluten-free pancakes, sprouted granola, and tofu scrambles, but by this hour in the afternoon we were leaning more towards lunch.

Clear Cafe in Bali

We dug into a Dragon Bowl, filled with grilled veggies, bean sprouts, and red rice, topped with a fresh mango chutney. We opted for the grilled tuna as our protein to give this light dish more sustenance. This dish really did justice to the flavors of the vegetables and the mango chutney added the perfect hint of sweetness.

Clear Cafe in Bali

Per our server’s enthusiastic recommendation, we ordered the grilled snapper wrap, which was filled with fresh fish, grilled pineapple, and tomato. The ingredients all played well together and the fish was cooked perfectly. We barely touched the side of fries since we had so many more exciting, local options at the table.

Clear Cafe in Bali

From the raw and macrobiotic portion of the menu, we selected the Buddha salad. We were treated to a heaping serving of greens, bean sprouts, green papaya, avocado, and sliced apples. The housemade sesame ginger vinaigrette really brought the salad together and the inclusion of avocado offered a refreshing creamy flavor.

Clear Cafe in Bali

Finally, we rounded out our feast with the fresh summer rolls because I can rarely turn down a summer roll on a menu, especially when in Asia. We chose prawn as our filler, tofu was the other option, which was mixed with matchstick veggies and chopped fruits wrapped in rice paper with a tamarind dipping sauce. This was perfect for sharing and a nice, light bite.

Clear Cafe in Bali

The Bitches say: A. Don’t miss the healthy, veggie-centric organic fare at Clear Cafe and the equally cheerful ambiance tucked away in Ubud. Clear Cafe is picture-perfect and a must-try when in Bali.

Clear Cafe
Jalan Campuhan, Ubud, Kec. Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia
+62 878-6219-7585


Ally is a Brooklyn-based marketing pro with a passion for food and fitness. You'll most likely find her at her local brunch haunts and coffee shops, always with a book in hand.

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