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Georgetown desperately needed Chez Billy Sud. With its chain restaurants, restaurant closures, and old school spots, there aren’t actually many places I would recommend for brunch or any meal in Georgetown. It’s great for shopping but pales in comparison to other parts of town when it comes to dining.

The only ones who can save Georgetown from its fate are, of course, the Hilton brothers, who are behind the lion’s share of popular restaurants in Washington, particularly those on U Street frequented by the young professionals. Marvin, Satellite Room, El Rey, 18th Street Lounge, Dickson Wine Bar, Den of Thieves—all Hilton Brothers spots. Oh, and the original Chez Billy in Petworth. They’ve gussied her up a bit, added some Southern charm, and plopped her in a little cottage on 31st Street in Georgetown.

Chez Billy Sud is stunning, with its sky blue walls, vintage décor, and bistro charm. It’s bright, calming, and lovely—perfect for a delightful brunch, romantic dinner, or quiet cocktails at the little back bar. It’s exactly my aesthetic, so much so that I was already dreaming of the parties I would throw in the space.

Chez Billy Brunch 10

I nestled in the corner with Ashley and Allix, two of the ladies behind BrandlinkDC, who represent the restaurant. Nowadays, as work and play are constantly mixed in my life, it’s great to spend time with gals like Ashley and Allix, because they’re cool to work with but more importantly just cool in general.

The cocktails are served in champagne —and we had a couple rounds of lovely, light mimosas and bubbly, frothy Kir Royals. The mimosas are made with crémant de Limoux brut, and fresh-squeezed orange juice, and they were perfection. Like a good French restaurant, the food and cocktails at Chez Billy were clean and perfectly executed.

Chez Billy Brunch 5

For appetizers, we ordered the Nutella cinnamon roll and the pumpkin spiced muffin. The Nutella cinnamon roll with mocha frosting was enormous, perfect for splitting into four quarters and sharing. It was really delicious, but honestly the pumpkin-spiced muffins were surprisingly better. Moist and fluffy, the muffins were served hot, covered in cinnamon sugar, and arrived with honey butter and cranberry jam.

Chez Billy Brunch 11

For our entrees, Allix ordered the Croque Madame, with ham and Gruyéere grilled on brioche bred, topped with Béchemel sauce and a fried egg. The dish was served with a side of fresh, light mixed greens. And, like any smart woman would, she requested a side of frites.

Chez Billy Brunch 40

Ashley had the crabcakes Benedict, with lump crabcakes, poached eggs, and Hollandaise on an English muffin. It was a traditional dish, done well, and also served with a side salad. The crab cakes were entirely free of filler, and oh so good.

Chez Billy Brunch 35

For the second day in a row, I ordered the burger at brunch. This Bistro Burger arrived tpped with brie, onion confit, bacon, and a fried egg. The brie and onion confit made it utterly delectable, and the beef and brioche were top notch. A really epic breakfast burger.

Chez Billy Brunch 25

All in all, my sole complaint about Chez Billy is that its frites aren’t crisp. They aren’t soggy, per say, but certainly limp. They still taste great—but I’d like my frites a little more rigid.

The Bitches say: A. A beautiful space with great cocktails and top-notch food. No bottomless deal, however, so it’s not totally perfect.

Chez Billy Sud
1039 31st St. N.W.
Washington, D.C.

Chez Billy Sud serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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