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Cellar Door Provisions Brunch

A new yoga studio opened in Wicker Park, and I am obsessed. Upon opening its doors two weeks ago, Mirepoix Mercantile and Yoga Studio has been offering free classes, and needless to say I have been taking full advantage. Always eager to have a workout buddy, I turned my friend Svetlana onto the studio as well, and we just love it.

One Sunday, we planned to meet for yoga and brunch with our men. Chris and I were running late, so I unfortunately missed out on the opportunity to see my not-so-flexible husband partake in yoga for the first time, but we waited patiently for Svetlana and Steve to finish their hour of zen.

We all decided to stay in the area and head to Logan Square for brunch at one of Steve and Svetlana’s favorite spots, Cellar Door Provisions. This cute BYOB counter-service restaurant has been a long-time go-to spot of theirs, and Chris and I were eager to check it out!

Cellar Door Provisions Brunch

Cellar Door Provisions is a tiny restaurant on the corner of Diversey Avenue and Whipple Street in Logan Square, offering farm-to-table fare in a relaxed setting. The restaurant has large front windows, and then to the side is a window completely covered in plants for some added natural charm.

The best part about the space? The view of the kitchen in the back, where bakers and chefs are working hard to prepare the baked goods and menu items. The sound of rolling pins smacking on the counter truly adds to the ambiance!

Cellar Door Provisions Brunch

Svetlana has recently taken on a hobby of bread making, and according to her, Cellar Door Provisions makes the best bread in the city—and she is serious about bread. Eager to try a little of everything, we settled on a four top and headed to the counter to order items from the daily menu written on the mirror in the corner of the restaurant.

Cellar Door Provisions Brunch

Coffee and tea were our beverages of choice, which perfectly accompanied the baked items we had just ordered. We ordered country bread and butter for the table, while I gave into my sweet tooth with a chocolate croissant, and Svetlana her’s with the bread pudding.

Everything was delicious; the croissant was flaky and buttery, and while I am not a bread pudding fan, Svetlana’s was a treat. The country bread and butter was, in one word, perfection. The bread was so good, moist on the inside, but with a beautiful crunch on the outer layer. The salted butter complemented the slightly-soured bread wonderfully.

Cellar Door Provisions Brunch

Chris ordered the quiche, much to Svetlana’s approval. She noted that the quiche at Cellar Door Provisions is unlike quiches at other places, and she was right. The quiche was the creamiest quiche I have ever eaten. The egg mixture was almost like a custard, to the point where it jiggled when it moved. I think I prefer more of a texture with my quiche, but Chris really seemed to enjoy it, and I cannot argue that it was not delicious.

Cellar Door Provisions Brunch

Steve and Svetlana shared the smoked trout toast, and were nice enough to give me a taste. The smoked trout was really good; flaky and flavorful. It came atop a Danish bread, with pimento cheese, onion, greens, and marinated fennel—another winner for the table.

Cellar Door Provisions Brunch

I decided to try the buckwheat crème fraîche dumplings. The dish sounded too unique and delicious to let it pass me by. Perfectly placed in a pool of a beautiful purple beet sauce, the dumplings were served with beets, mushrooms, mustard greens, and spiced tahini. It was delicious. The dish was a beautiful mess of flavors, and the mushrooms and beets were so juicy and wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed this dish.

I loved Cellar Door Provisions and certainly will be back. The food was wonderful and clearly made with love, and the ambiance is divine. Patrons of all types filled the restaurant, all there to enjoy upscale offerings in a casual setting. Next time I will be sure to bring a bottle of bubbly to accompany my meal, and I look forward to returning for dinner.

The Bitches Say: A. Bring the parents here when they come into town, or post up with friends and a couple of bottles of wine for the perfect casual Sunday brunch, while enjoying beautiful, unique, and above-all, delicious menu offerings.

Cellar Door Provisions
3025 W Diversey Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 697-8337

Cellar Door Provisions serves breakfast from Wednesday to Sunday from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m


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