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Capitol City Brewing Company Brunch

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Brunch caters more to females, am I right? The idea of chatting over mimosas in a restaurant, catching up on the weekend, boys, and life … it’s just more girly.

Obviously, brunch is for anyone who is hungover and hungry on a weekend, but, many of the men I know would rather grab a sandwich to go and head back to the couch, or to the bar to watch football.

That said, there is a strong contingent of Bros Who Brunch. And, if I had a dollar for every time a guy used that as a pickup line on me I’d be a rich Bitch. Men, I’d venture to say, prefer a relaxed brunch at a dive bar or sports bar, preferably with TV screens.


When I walked in to Capitol City Brewing Company, the establishment just screamed “bro brunch.” Truthfully, I’d never been to the downtown sports bar, but the folks behind the local chain invited us in and I was curious to give it a go (this brunch was on them). Moreover, the Caps game was on, so I plopped myself in a booth nearby a TV with my oldest guy friend, Jack, happy to just relax.


The coffee was fine, better than diner coffee but nothing remarkable.


I decided to try Bloody Mary Bar, which, in this experience and others, always seems better in theory than in practice. The waitress brings you a cup of vodka, then you troop over to the Bloody Mary Bar to make your own.

For starters, whilst chatting, I absentmindedly picked up the glass of vodka, instead of the glass of water (same glasses, each filled with ice and a straw), and took a huge gulp. I nearly died choking while my friend nearly died laughing, so brunch only started off well for one of us.


“Go over and make the Bloody before you do that again,” Jack said. “Also, I’m curious to see what you come up with.”

The second problem with Bloody Mary Bars is that I don’t know how to make a Bloody Mary. I’m a Bitch, people make them for me. While this may be a personal problem, it’s worth mentioning nonetheless.

The third issue with Bloody Mary Bars is they just seem dirty: Everyone has their paws on the lemons, spoons, celery and various accoutrements on the bar. They’ve likely spilled all over the tablecloth. It just gives me the heebie jeebies. Ack.

This particular bar only had nubs of celery, lemons, limes, Bloody mix, and horseradish. There was no Worcestershire sauce, but rather A1 Steaksauce, and I assume the bus boy put the wrong A1 bottle in the bin. There was also some bacon and pickles, both of which terrify me.

I scuttled back with a Bloody Mary that was heavy in the lemon and the horseradish. I enjoyed it. Jack, who is British and therefore struggles with spice, nearly choked. Payback, Bitches.


For entrees, I ordered the spinach mushroom omelet, served with a side of home fries. The omelet was large, but he mushrooms inside were the gross, cheap oyster mushrooms. I wasn’t expected delicious wild Forrest mushrooms but was disappointed nonetheless. It had plenty of spinach but lacked flavor.

Jack, on the other hand, loved his crab cake Eggs Benedict and polished off his plate quite quickly. I snagged a bite, and, indeed, the Hollandaise sauce was fine, the muffin toasted properly and not soggy, and the crab cake was good. The eggs were poached too solidly, but, Jack said that’s the way he liked ’em anyway.


We finished with the French toast, which didn’t look all together that special, but tasted better than it looked. It had plenty of batter, which was very egg-y and cinnamon-y. Dissatisfied with my omelet, I had plenty of room left in my tummy. Turning back from the Caps game, Jack questioned, “Did you just polish off all four of those slices of French toast?” Yep, I did.

The Bitches say: C-. The food isn’t gourmet, or that high of quality. In fact, its just average. But, if you’re going to a sports bar with that in mind, you’ll find respectable food at affordable prices with plenty of tvs to watch the game. Food snobs should stay clear, however.

Capitol City Brewing Company
1100 New York Ave. N.W.
Washington, D.C.
(202) 628-2222
(There is also a location in Shirlington).

Capitol City Brewing Co. is open for brunch Sundays.

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