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Buck’s Chicken & Biscuits Brunch

I love Wicker Park. I might feel as if I’m cheating on Lincoln Park anytime I say I love another neighborhood; but I do. There is just something about Wicker that’s so trendy and hip; I just wish it was closer to the lake.

One of my good friends from college, Clare, lives in Wicker Park. So when I was graciously invited to sample the new brunch at Buck’s Chicken & Biscuits, I immediately thought of her.

Buck's Brunch

To my delight, she was not only available but had been wanting to go to Buck’s for brunch since its opening this winter. There is nothing better than treating your friends to brunch, and when it’s a restaurant on their list, that’s just the cherry on top.

Buck's Brunch

Buck’s took over the space where Carriage House used to be (R.I.P. Carriage House). Buck’s Chicken & Biscuits is a Southern-inspired, all-American restaurant known for its fried chicken and laid-back vibes.

Buck's Brunch

Both Clare and I arrived at noon for brunch on a Saturday and didn’t encounter a wait (woot!). The decor is quite dark with patterned accent wallpaper, black walls, and dark leather upholstery. The white subway tile wall behind the bar did help to reflect some light from the large windows surrounding the restaurant, which definitely brighten up the place.

Buck's Brunch

We were greeted by the GM Zach, who was gracious enough to give us a bit of background on Buck’s and recommend some dishes for Clare and I to split. He suggested the kale salad and the double stack. I had been eyeing the fried green tomatoes, so we put in a order for that, as well. For drinks, Clare and I each got a hot coffee and I treated myself to a mimosa.

Buck's Brunch

The coffee was great, but not necessarily the best cup I’ve had at brunch. It was a fairly bold blend and tasted a bit bitter—I had to add more sugar than I normally do. However, the mimosa was spot on. The ratio of bubbles to orange juice was perfect, and I sipped and savored the drink throughout the meal.

Buck's Brunch

All three dishes came out at once, so Clare and I were left with the tough decision of where to start. While Clare sampled the kale salad, I dug into the fried green tomatoes.

Buck's Brunch

To be honest, I’ve never had fried tomatoes but being a huge tomato fan, I figured I’d love it—I was right. The fried green tomatoes were delicious. They were topped with beans, and a honey drizzle that was to die for! I had a hard time leaving one for Clare, but sharing is caring, Bitches.

Buck's Brunch

Next up was the kale salad with chunks of grapefruit, apple slices, homemade croutons, walnuts, and a dressing that was exquisite. It was a light, fresh, clean dish that we both adored. While a kale salad may not be a standard brunch dish, Buck’s has the exception.

Last but certainly not least was the double stack. The double stack is cornmeal pancakes with fried chicken, apple butter, and whipped cream on top. This was by far the best dish I have had for brunch in a long time, and that’s a bold statement.

Buck's Brunch

The pancakes were amazing—like corn muffins but in pancake form. The fried chicken had a blend of spices that was out of this world, and the chicken was moist and perfectly cooked. I loved this dish. If I could eat this every day, I would.

Buck’s Chicken & Biscuits is a great addition to the Wicker Park brunch scene. For anyone who enjoys Southern dishes with a bit of a twist, head to Buck’s and try as many entrees as you can.

The Bitches say: A+. Whether you live near or far from Wicker Park, Buck’s is worth the visit for brunch.

Buck’s Chicken & Biscuits
1700 W. Division St.
Chicago, IL
(773) 384-9700

Buck’s serves brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


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