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Brickside Brunch Media Preview

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This past weekend I stepped out of my normal brunch geographical radius to check out Brickside’s new brunch menu in Bethesda, courtesy of Ludden LLC. When performing my Bitchly duties I typically bring along my gay boyfriend as my date. This time, however, I decided to bring my sassy mother, Anne, and show her what being the Baby Bitch is all about.


We traipsed into the restaurant and immediately had to admire the interior. The exposed brick walls were complemented by hard wood floors that ran throughout the restaurant. A mural stating “Vote Against Prohibition” lined the main wall and commanded focus above the leather booths and wooden chairs and tables. We joined the group there that day for the media preview, made our introductions, apologized for being late due to the rain and traffic, and immediately began chatting as if we had all been friends for ages.


Since we were a little late, everyone already had a cocktail before them. My mother, who fancies herself a mixologist, immediately started asking everyone what they were drinking. After hearing everyone’s answers she decided on a Bellini and, poor little sick me, I settled for an iced tea. After a few sips she declared it to be one of the best Bellinis she’s ever had (and she’s tried many a Bellini). Those who opted for a different brunch cocktail were sipping on Bloody Marys with a healthy dose of crispy bacon in lieu of a celery stick.


Chef Lisa Marie Frantz, an absolute genius in my opinion, began sending out mini course after mini course in order to give us a complete picture of the full brunch menu, and, let me tell you, it is phenomenal.


We started with the Brickside Breakfast Flatbread, made up of thinly sliced potatoes, tomatoes, fontina and parmesan cheese, eggs, bacon, and basil. The crust was crispy, flaky perfection and the toppings melded together to make the ideal combination of breakfast favorites.


We moved onto the roasted mushroom scramble made with eggs, roasted mushrooms, leeks, sweet Italian sausage, and fontina cheese. Now, I’m usually not a fan of mushrooms or leeks, but the flavors and textures were so subtle that even the pickiest eater would love this dish.

Chef Frantz then placed in front of us her take on eggs benny, the Artichoke-Garlic Chicken Sausage Benedict. What really set this eggs benny apart was the homemade English muffin and the use of house ground artichoke-garlic chicken sausage in place of the traditional Canadian bacon.


The brunch menu flowed flawlessly from salty and savory menu items into sweet and comforting menu items. The first dish placed before us in the realm of the sweet was the Brickside Pancakes.

These aren’t your average Bisquick pancakes, people. They’re lemon-ricotta pancakes that are so fluffy and delectable I’ve been dreaming of them ever since my first bite. Normally at a menu tasting I only take a few bites of each dish, but I devoured the pancakes that were placed in front of me they were so good.


After I finished wiping the whipped butter from my face I looked down to find stuffed French toast sitting in front of me. Correction, lightly sweetened vanilla bean-cream cheese stuffed French toast with Nutella fudge sauce. That’s right, read that again and let the desire consume you.

It was so unbelievably good. I mean, just writing that sentence had me reminiscing and wishing it was in front of me. Last but not least Chef Frantz dished up bruleed ruby red grapefruit paired with Greek yogurt with honey and house made granola. The fresh grapefruit was bruleed to give it a slightly sweet taste and, once dipped into the yogurt and granola, it was an impeccable flavor combination.

Brunch at Brickside was amazing. The company was great, the cocktails were to die for, and the menu was varied and executed superbly.

It was so good that every time I ask my mother what she wants to eat she simply replies, “Brickside?”

The Bitches say: A, for creative and comforting food that still has me swooning.

4866 Cordell Ave.
Bethesda, Md.
(301) 312-6160

Brickside serves brunch Sundays.

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