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Boxcar Tavern Brunch

We Bitches get business propositions all the time. Expand to New York! Let me help you with your PR! Give me a franchise! It’s never ending, and we’re flattered because we know we’re very lucky to have people to think so highly of us.

On Saturday, Cori Sue’s former college buddy, former investment banker, and now Marine, Adam, wanted to propose a Bitches business plan. So, we set up a brunch at Boxcar Tavern to hear him out (Becca had some Eastern Market furniture shopping to do for her condo, which actually turned into jewelry shopping, but that’s beside the point; we had a neighborhood destination).


We arrived and Adam was already at the bar. Boxcar is small and cozy, a long rectangular restaurant that faces the street market in Eastern Market. It’s right next to another tavern, as well, and you can tell that these old-ish little bars are host to some late night warm winter drinks this time of year.

The tables are small; this isn’t a place for a large group. But there was still a wait so we just shrugged and sat at the empty sleek wooden bar.


Adam had brought a Powerpoint. Which was, frankly, adorable. We rested our heads on our arms and listened patiently as he walked us through capital investment options and business strategies. Minds? Blown. We just like writing brunch reviews; what’s all this about crowdsourcing and apps? OK, I guess we should have an app …

It was a fabulous brunch, and the bartender was lovely and kind, although she did confess she had only been there a few weeks and had to check on some menu questions we had.


We all had coffee and Becca had a mimosa, which was very fresh. The coffee was constantly refilled and given with fresh milk.

Becca ordered the benedict, of course. Instead of being on two split halves of an English Muffin it was on toasted brioche—delicious. And, instead of thick slices of ham, there was thinly sliced prosciutto and sautéed baby spinach. The poached eggs were done perfectly and the entire creation was glorious.


Cori Sue had the fine herb omelet, one of the many omelet options on the brunch menu. It was rather large and came with portabella mushrooms, baby spinach, and Gruyere cheese inside. It was rich but not heavy. Extremely satisfying without making her feel too full.


Adam had the chili omelet, with chili (of course), onion, melted cheddar and hollandaise. This was a very tasty omelet, and the chili gave it a great kick.


On the side of each dish was a cup of fruit, which was actually slices of oranges and grapefruit. What a lovely and unique touch to the brunch.

For a dessert, we shared the pumpkin French toast, which was served with a cup of vanilla crème fraiche. The toast was warm and not overpowering on the pumpkin. Neither Becca nor Adam like too much pumpkin and this was perfect for both of them.


The Bitches say: A. Overall, a great brunch. Bottomless would be nice, but otherwise, we saw nothing wrong.

Boxcar Tavern
224 7th St. S.E.
Washington, D.C

Boxcar Tavern serves brunch Saturday and Sunday.

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Becca and Cori Sue

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