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Brunch at Bourbon began in the best way: piping hot coffee, tall glasses of water, and complimentary doughnuts. However, brunch at Bourbon ended in a very bad way. Which is a sad thing, frankly. The cozy Adams Morgan spot had my vote ever since I enjoyed dinner there with Becca a few months ago. So I was eager to return for brunch …

The doughnuts (plain, glazed, and powdered sugar) were delicious. Complimentary starters always add bonus points in my book, but I wanted more. It was odd that, looking around the room, each table got a basket with just three small doughnuts, regardless of the size of the party. We had five girls, so it was hard to share three.


While we waited on the stragglers in our party to arrive, we opted for Bourbon’s infamous “tots.” They were great, but, it’s kind of hard to mess up tater tots and ketchup.

Ginni, who ordered the egg scramble with mushrooms served with whole wheat toast, says, “Since the other Bourbon is right next to my apartment in Glover Park, I go there fairly often, and always order the same thing. (And it is always delish). So, I do have to say that the predictability of knowing that the dish I ordered with the Bitches would be good is a plus for the restaurant. My food was great, as always.”

Both Lacy and Claire ordered the bacon and sausage quiche, a special on the menu that day, which came topped with caramelized onions and served with a side of mixed greens and cherry tomatoes. Lacy says, “The bacon and sausage quiche was rich, flavorful and yummy—lots of bacon but not a lot of egg, which is unusual for a quiche. The salad was good but the dressing was a little heavy for breakfast, I would have preferred a citrus over a balsamic.”


I opted for the prettiest and sweetest dish on the table—the cinnamon walnut banana pancakes with whipped cream and maple syrup. Bourbon knows how to make delicious, unhealthy food, and its pancakes are no exception. It was a tall stack of pancakes filled with bananas, packed with lots of cinnamon flavor, topped with caramelized bananas, walnuts and whipped cream, then finally sprinkled with more cinnamon and powdered sugar. They were heavenly banana pancakes, I’m sure the kind Jack Johnson sings about.


Lastly, Christina, who mentioned upon her arrival that she was starving, ordered the grilled cheese and tomato soup. Unfortunately, she didn’t get to eat for about an hour and a half after our arrival because they forgot her order entirely. She had to sit there munching on tater tots while the rest of us had our entrées—making all of us feel pretty rotten. While the grilled cheese was delicious (I can vouch for its amazingness) and they did take her meal off the bill, Christina gives an incomplete grade for this brunch.

Ginni, who has experience in these matters, expounds on the service, “The service for coffee and water was good, but I am very disappointed and annoyed that the last dish didn’t come out until after the rest of the group was finished eating. I waited tables for four years and it’s a huge pet peeve of mine—it’s such an annoyance for the group dining. I’m glad they comp’ed her meal (as they should), but it was just pretty ridiculous. I am a tough critic on restaurants as a whole, and for this I give it a C+. If that had not occurred, I would have given them an A.”

Lacy adds, “They would have received at least a B from me if not for the service. I felt so bad about the missing grilled cheese and tomato soup!”

The Bitches say: C+. Bourbon is a great go-to for delicious, unhealthy food (think tater tots, grilled cheese, and doughnuts). In general, we love both the cuisine and the ambiance. Normally, we’d give them an A but the “incomplete” grade on the service brings it down to a high C.

Bourbon Adam’s Morgan
2321 18th St. N.W.
Washington, D.C.
(202) 332-0800

Bourbon Glover Park
2348 Wisconsin Ave.
Washington, D.C.
(202) 625-7770

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