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The Australians know their coffee, so it’s hard to find a better spot for a great coffee and a quick brunch than Bluestone Lane, the charming chain of bright blue cafés with top-notch coffee roasts paired with a menu of health-conscious wellness lattes, avocado toasts, and quick-and-easy options. Bluestone Lane is a go-to for New Yorkers for a weekday breakfast, lunch, or coffee catch-up, given the options to order at the counter or dine-in service.


Keeping in line with its Australian roots, Bluestone Lane serves brunch (or brekkie) every day of the week until 3 p.m. (like most spots in Sydney and Melbourne.) With its delicious coffees, health-conscious dining options, and cheerful aesthetic, Bluestone Lane is a no-brainer for a weekday brunch.

The Bitches have loved its varied New York locations and celebrated its arrival in Washington, D.C. So, off we went to brunch on the Upper East Side, where the Bluestone Lane is located adjacent to the beautiful historic Church of the Heavenly Rest, sharing its same sandstone, ecclesiastical archways. The space is absolutely stunning—so much so that it was featured on Architectural Digest recently. It’s conveniently located near Central Park, with a patio filled with UES ladies who lunch of all ages catching up over coffee.


The coffee, tea, and juice program at Bluestone Lane is exceptional, so it’s hard to narrow down your options. Luckily, you don’t have to when you order the wellness flight—a colorful flight of hot, healthy, and creamy tea lattes crafted with almond milk. The tables adjacent were utterly jealous of this order, and I enjoyed sipping the sampler of the matcha, turmeric, and beet root lattes in the afternoon sunshine.

The menu is classically Australian: lots of avocado toast and toast samplers, with nearly every dish providing a gluten-free or dairy-free alternative. The menu also offers egg sandwiches, yogurt and granola, porridge, and breakfast bowls.

The gluten-free banana bread is exceptional, served with honey, toasted walnuts, fresh ricotta, sliced bananas, and mixed berries. It’s a gorgeous, shareable plate that’s satisfying yet healthy. The banana bread is fluffy, dense, and flavorful—and hard to tell that it’s gluten-free. The perfect bite? Banana bread, ricotta, honey, walnuts, and a banana slice: it’s utterly divine.


The breakfast bowls are crafted with sautéed kale, red quinoa, cherry tomatoes, and a poached egg, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. You can add on chorizo, smoked salmon, or avocado. The addition of chorizo was an odd but correct choice, adding some meat and additional flavor. The halved tomatoes were oh-so-very fresh, the egg poached perfectly.

Moreover, the service at Bluestone Lane abided by the Aussie ethos: impossibly friendly, down-to-earth, and authentic. You’ll want to befriend everyone who crosses your path: from the charming hostess to the well-dressed manager to the effervescent waiters.


While all Bluestone Lane locations are worth a visit, the UES locale is particularly charming with its historical location, outdoor patio, and bustling indoor-outdoor ambiance. Head there for a coffee and avo toast asap.

The Bitches say: A, for a charming, delicious spot for brunch on the Upper East Side at any hour or day of the week.

Cori Sue

Co-Founder, Pro Bruncher

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