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Blenheim Brunch

This weekend was a testament to the success of impromptu plans, which is a bold statement coming from Miss iCal. Living my life through color coded schedules means there isn’t a lot of room for spontaneity, especially with all of the recent wedding appointments. This is why, when faced with a wide-open morning, I jumped at the opportunity to grab brunch with my friend Christine. I also didn’t do any research before we went, choosing the first restaurant that tickled our fancy during our walk through the village.

I’d never heard of Blenheim before, as it’s relatively new to the West Village, but we liked the look of the menu and the massive rustic-looking wooden beam framing the bar. That, and the relaxed vibe meant our Pure Barre attires were semi-appropriate.


Christine ordered her usual cappuccino and I ordered my latte to start while I shared the pain points of planning a city wedding. Cocktails like the kir royale made with fresh-farm currant stuck out immediately, but I had to stick to at least one plan this Saturday, which was to be booze-less.


The waitress described a beignets special served in a cranberry and black currant sauce, and doughnuts sounded exactly like something we needed. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the tangy cranberry was a nice flavor combination. I thought it was funny that our waitress asked us if we wanted an order each, as the four beignets in one serving were massive, and there were only the two of us.


Christine and I decided to share the omelette with oyster mushrooms and gruyere, served with a side of home fries. The omelette was cheesy and delicious, but on the smaller side, and the bread was toasted but wasn’t served with butter, which we thought was strange.


We also ordered the french toast, which was served as four pieces with apple butter. Halfway through our meal, the waiter came back with the syrup and the butter for the toast, which she explained were made on their farm. I won’t fault her for having a forgetful morning, but these were both integral parts of the brunch and we were one of only a few diners in the whole restaurant.


I think it was clear from the decor that there was a focus on farm to table, but I was surprised that this wasn’t highlighted more on the menu, or included in the introduction from the waiter. Blenheim’s intimate connection to their farm in the Catskills makes it really unique and is a story I would have liked to hear from the beginning of our restaurant experience.


The Bitches say: Three Champagne Flutes. We enjoyed our brunch, but both felt it was only slightly above average. The atmosphere was special, but in a saturated brunch market, nothing we ordered will return to the forefront of our memories.

Blenheim serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.


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