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Autumn is almost here. The Fall weather is starting to creep in, and let me tell you all, this Bitch is not ready for it. While I love what Autumn can offer — crisp breezes, pumpkin-scented everything, the beautiful changing of the leaves, and cute scarves and booties — that does not mean I am happy to see it.

Fall in Chicago can mean a short two weeks of glory, then an abrupt early winter and negative temps for the next 5 months. Which means I become a recluse. I tend to stay as close to home as possible, and I start to become super familiar with my neighborhood’s hot spots and frequent them until spring. I make the staff of these establishments like me in fall so they don’t judge me in winter when I stumble into their business wearing two winter jackets and three hats.

Staying close to home is something I don’t mind though, you see. I live in Ukrainian Village, and with the plethora of restaurants between here and Wicker Park, it is easy to find happiness close to home. Happiness is easy to find, thanks to places like Bite Cafe.


I have been dying to take a “bite” out of Bite for quite some time now. Ever since my move to Ukrainian village almost a year ago, there have been so many restaurants on my radar, and Bite has been one of them. I have heard about Bite from people, and also seen the restaurant’s awesome reviews on Yelp for some time now, but for whatever reason, I had not gone… until this week – Finally! Bite is a well hidden gem situated right on Western Ave. next to an all-time Chicago favorite music spot, The Empty Bottle. Bite is a cute little hole in the wall, with simple decor and lots of lighting. I just loved the exposed brick and the classic diner open kitchen window. I also loved that it serves brunch on weekdays. Can you say WIN?


My fiance, Chris and I were starving. So after promptly ordering our coffees, we also decided to start with the herbed biscuit with house-made jam and butter. It came out in a few minutes, slightly warm and crispy, and already sliced in half. I slathered on some butter and jam and took a huge first bite. It was delicious; herb-y but not overpowering and the hint of rosemary was a nice complement to the jam, which tasted like strawberry. It was gone within moments, a great start to the meal.


After a few minutes, our waiter returned to take our orders. I opted for the pimento cheese Eggs Benedict, while Chris decided on the migas at the recommendation of our sever. He said that the restaurant’s migas are known for being super authentic and are a favorite of diners. The food came out super fast and hot, which I always appreciate!


The Eggs Benedict was bright and perfectly plated. I assume the bright coloring of the hollandaise came from the added pimento peppers to the sauce, also giving it a little kick. I enjoyed the sauce a lot, and liked that there was a lot of it. The english muffins were the thick, classic style and I wanted to the lather the sauce on every bite. The homemade “mashbrown” was nice and hearty, different from normal break.


Chris’ migas came out piping hot, and with a generous portion! As someone who eats constantly, and is always still hungry after a meal, even Chris felt he had met his match for breakfast. He ate every last bite and said he thoroughly enjoyed it, stating he was happy that the pico “wasn’t too spicy” on top. DSC_2280

Bite is great for a number of reasons. It is a simple concept with great food, and a menu that is always changing thanks to their commitment to finding the best ingredients in season. Service is a little slow, but super friendly, and that is what people like and can expect from some places in the UKV. A great neighborhood brunch spot that offers breakfast until 5 p.m. everyday makes Bite a no-brainer choice for anyone looking to have an awesome meal for a great price. Sidenote, their dinner menu looks awesome too. I can promise you that as much as I brunch at new restaurants all over the city, Bite is definitely a place I will visit again.

The Bitches Say: A. A decadent, evolving menu using the best ingredients in season, simple decor, and a welcoming neighborhood feel, it is a great choice for a yummy brunch at an extremely fair price.

Bite Cafe
1039 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 395-2483

Bite Cafe serves brunch every day until 5 p.m.


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