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Bitchin’ Birthday Giveaway!

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Hey, guess what? This little site is officially a year old this week!

That’s right … 365 solid days of Bitching, brunching, lusting, and partying around the District.

To celebrate, we’re going to do a giveaway. And, of course, what else could we possibly give away but the most hard-to-get brunch reservation in town? Yes, kittens, we’ve secured seats for you and four of your friends at La Boum Boum Roum, a one-time-only midnight brunch at L’Enfant Cafe & Bar held on April 9, and the first two bottles of champagne are generously on the house!

Here’s how you enter: Fan us on Facebook (leave us a love note if you’d like), and also sign up to receive emails from our partner charity, the D.C. Farm to School Network (click here to sign up for their announcements). The D.C. Farm to School Network is a coalition of advocates working to get more healthy, local, sustainable foods into Washington, D.C., schools and to reconnect D.C. schoolchildren to where their food comes from.

You won’t want to miss this brunch; it’s already booked solid. And you’ll definitely want to get involved with the D.C. Farm to School Network – they do amazing work and partner with top restaurants in town to get the good word out to kids about healthy eating. The winner will be chosen on Friday.

Photo credit: Martha Stewart
Photo credit: Martha Stewart

Gosh, what a fabulous year it’s been. Let’s recap the Bitching a bit, shall we?

Number of posts: 271, including the first (sadly, pictureless) one

Number of brunches we’ve reviewed: 91

Number of A+ given: Six

Most read post: 2010 Best Brunches

Farthest away brunch: Prague, probably

Largest brunch we’ve had: 16 people at Chef Geoff’s

Number of pictures of Cori Sue’s dog, Daisy, on the blog: Maybe around five or six, including some at the brunch table.

The moment we almost thought we were famous: When Cori Sue went on TBD and explained to the anchor dude that Bitch is “always spelled with a capital B,” and he nearly spat his dentures out at her.

Number of comments: 284

Number of Lust Lists Becca has written: Two

Most prolific commenter: Joanna (thanks, love)

Most prolific guest Bitch: Josh

Number of restaurants we’ve really pissed off: One or two

Restaurant we’ve probably single-handedly taken over marketing for: Masa 14 (you can send the royalties to us)

And finally, a special thank-you to our Bitches, for letting us drag them out, no matter how hung over (or still drunk) they might be, to every Godforsaken brunch in D.C.

Raising our mimosas to many more!

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