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Bitch at Us: Scott Kampf of Southampton Social

New York native, Scott Kampf has been a professional chef for over two decades boasting quite the impressive resume focused on French-American cooking.

His various honors along the way include the acclaimed Chaine des Rôtisseurs Award of Excellence and Star Chef’s People’s Choice Award. Kampf also had a stint as a team challenger on the Food Network’s “Iron Chef America” and was later asked to appear on “Kitchen Nightmares.” Kampf’s career largely consisted of work as a private chef for stars and professional athletes alike. He developed his natural cooking ability while living abroad and traveling around France, Italy and Spain to study international cuisine. It was there that Kampf learned about local fare and developed his unique, personal style as well as a taste for market fresh food.

After returning stateside, Kampf worked in different kitchens along the East coast and eventually landed in the Hamptons where he currently resides. His fresh interpretation of American food and various cultures has already earned him a strong New York following. Kampf, who is widely regarded as one of the Hampton’s top chefs, was brought on by Southampton Social Club and Paige Management as part of a major overhaul. Kampf is all too excited to call on his over twenty years of expertise and offer East End foodies an innovative menu crafted with the season’s finest and freshest ingredients.

Though I’ve never been the Hamptons myself, I was able to get a little taste of Chef Scott’s brunching predilections.


What is your favorite New York City brunch stop?

I’m not a big city guy.  I far prefer it out here on the east end. My favorite brunch spot out here, though has to be Hampton Maid on East Montauk Highway.

When you’re doing the cooking, what is your favorite dish?

My favorite brunch dish to whip up at home is Cinnamon Bun French Toast with a wild berry compote & Applewood smoked bacon. The bacon has to be thick cut!

Is there any other way? When it comes to choosing your personal brunching menu, do you prefer to order or cook savory or sweet?

I prefer both: sweet with a little savory. Like my favorite brunch to cook at home, the bacon compliments the French toast perfectly!
What are you washing brunch down with? Are you a mimosa or a bloody Mary fan?

As I don’t drink alcohol, I prefer fresh squeezed OJ.

An excellent choice! What is one item you MUST order any time you see it on a menu?

For brunch, I really am biased as I LOVE French Toast. On a dinner menu though, it’s rib eye. I can’t pass up a great rib eye steak!
If you could brunch with one celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be?

That’s an easy one.  Living Legend Chef Paul Bocuse!

Finally, is there any additional info you’d like our readers to know about Southampton Social Club?

We are constantly revising our menu based upon the freshest ingredients available. I can’t say that we have secret items, but I certainly would encourage people to ask their server what the “Chef’s recommendation of the day” would be.  When there’s time, I do love to put together fresh new dishes that even I haven’t tried before.


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