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Bitch at Us: Holli Thompson of Nutritional Style

We love hearing about other female authors and entrepreneurs. We utterly taken by Holli Thompson, the Virginia-based author of Nutritional Style.  She just published a book by the same name, and sent a signed couple copies to the Bitches. We caught up with Holli to chat health, brunch, and healthy entertaining.

Holli is a former VP for Chanel, turned creator of Nutritional Style®, a health and nutrition blog and consulting company. Her innovative method of identifying the three types of nutritional styles; Healthy Omnivore™, Flexible Vegetarian™, and Modern Vegan™, was established to allow women (and men) to finally experience an attainable, satisfying and always health-filled lifestyle. You can check out Holli’s blog,, and find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

You go back and forth between our top two cities, New York and Washington. Where do you like to brunch?

In Washington, my favorites for organic food and the freshest seasonal veggies are Nora’s in Dupont or Le Pain Quotidien (after a class with Jill Warren and her team at Barre3 in Georgetown). I also love tea—anytime of day—at the Ritz Carlton overlooking the Potomac, or my husband always said if the world fell apart, I’d head to the Four Seasons for tea.

In New York, my happy place is Pure Food & Wine. (Read the Bitches’ review here.)  I could eat there every meal, and likely never tire of their Swan Greens. If you haven’t visited yet, you must. A new hot spot, Hu Kitchen, is paleo and recently opened.  We might have to make a day of it, with some shopping in between of course.

Nutrition-Cover-sm (1)

We are thrilled to announce a new Chicago market. Chic spots we might see you?

Well, Chicago is known for being one of the most sustainable cities in the country, so this is an easy one for me. I have clients there, too.

Karyn Calabrese has an amazing cafe there for a morning juice or smoothie and then head to North Pond. Although I have yet to dine there, I know they are dedicated to sourcing organic ingredients, promote urban farming and support the education of farmers on organic processes.

Your book focused on healthy, holistic approaches to nutrition. How do you entertain your friends for a brunch in?

I like to make quality time with my favorite girlfriends a holistic affair.  If at home, on the farm, we would start with a fresh juice followed by a hike down and up our country road. Then, we would come home to warm or iced  tea and of course a pitcher of one of my famous healthy water “cocktails,” always on tap in my house.

I might also do a green melon smoothie (low glycemic, electrolyte packed cucumber with some basil, mint, parsley or a pinch of all three), straight from my garden. I would blend in some coconut water as well, for a cleansing appetizer.

From there we would enjoy a large raw salad, chock full of fresh greens and baby arugula, mache or kale depending on what I can get my hands on, drizzled with lemon & EVOO dressing, or a new organic sesame oil that I just found.

I then put little bowls around a big gorgeous salad bowl, so that all the Nutritional Styles are happy (all my friends are all different). I’d include zucchini spaghetti, organically raised chicken, orange and brown lentils, hummus, hemp seeds, local raw goat cheese, shaved roasted beets and more. I like to get creative and have fun mixing and matching.

I might also include a creamy vegetable soup, (dairy-free), gazpacho, and maybe even a frittata with eggs from organically raised and fed chickens that we get from  Home Farm in Middleburg.

What sort of healthy dessert options might you serve? Bitches love dessert.

I usually offer some organic dark chocolate, or warm, fresh fruit compote, depending on what’s fresh. I have pear and apple trees and enjoy playing with them to create unique treats.

Your journey to discovery has been long and as you note so eloquently in the book, continues to evolve. What do you recommend for those of us just getting started, or who tend to fall into a pack mentality?

Be kind, gentle, and loving with yourself.  Our world is on high speed, so do your best to find a healthy balance. Stop making unrealistic demands, and ditch the all or nothing attitude to health and fitness. To help you begin, have a look at this quiz, it’ll help you tune in to how you are eating, and then how you might want to.

Begin to address your body chemistry.  When do you feel best? Not so hot?  For me, discovering not just the universal “bad boys” that I outline in my book but uncovering what didn’t make me feel energized was a huge step.

I love helping women get over the rules and dogma surrounding their food, and ditch the comparison to others. Your are unique, and it’s time for you to embrace that, and live according to your own Nutritional Style, not someone elses.

Any last minute lifestyle tips you can add?

Begin to incorporate new habits of self care, step by step, until you rely on them. They will support you!  When you’re ready, begin some more. Ease in, but remember, good intentions work only if you implement them.

Discover Your Nutritional Style is chock full of ideas and things you’ve never thought of. Take a few at a time; they all matter. Begin with a hard look at your food, and get real about what you’re eating most of the time.

Drop me an email or visit my website,, for tons of helpful recipes and inspirational blog posts.

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