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Bitch at Us: Eating Pretty with Rose-Marie Swift of RMS Beauty

The latest trend on the food scene: eating pretty. Clean beauty brand RMS just launched ingestibles to make sure that our skin is gorgeous from the inside out. We sat down with the founder, Rose-Marie Swift, to find out how what we brunch on can affect our faces and how to make sure we are taking care of our bodies after bottomless mimosas.

Rose-Marie, you’ve been in the cosmetics industry for quite some time. What changes have you seen within the cosmetics realm?

I have seen the biggest transition in the awakening of the beauty consumers attitude towards healthier beauty products. It is no longer just about their eating habits, it has consciously extended towards what they put on their skin. Knowledge is power and cleaner beauty products are becoming part of their beauty regime. What could possibly beat that?

Could you tell us more about what sparked you to create RMS Beauty?

Chemicals are redefining what beauty is in today’s cosmetic industry, and that is NOT acceptable. I realized that what women need is better skin care, color cosmetics and toiletries, that are as clean as possible. These all contribute to a solid foundation for anti-aging and long-term beauty.

Now, we know why you got started, but how did you get off the ground with your brand?

I went back in time and created a line based on the classic rouge in glass pots with the metal lids. I made a display unit where these small pots sat upside down giving a visual array of color that was inviting to look at and different from traditional ways of displaying products. I am a makeup artist in the fashion industry and that helped tremendously to open doors and get my foot in the actual cosmetic side of beauty. The models, whom I am indebted to forever for helping to promote me, were the biggest catalyst. It definitely took time for the beauty consumer to understand the concept of clean and organic products but I had time and slowly the industry started to change. Social media has been pivotal in educating women on what is in their beauty products and this knowledge just keeps spreading. Here we are 9 years later and this is still going strong.

What makes RMS different than other beauty brands?

RMS Beauty is the first brand to actually base their color cosmetic line on raw coconut oil. The coconut oil that we use is the highest possible quality, because we know that not all coconut oil is created equally. Coconut oil, in its raw form, has one of the highest levels of lauric and caprylic acid in nature (human breast milk being the highest) and those acids have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. What could be better? I was also the first makeup artist to enter into the organic color cosmetic realm and openly speak about the undesirable ingredients and regulations in the beauty industry.

How have women and women’s lifestyles changed since you began in the beauty industry?

Great question……..the biggest change is the tremendous turn towards a healthier lifestyle, not just what we take in internally but also what we put on our skin externally. Yes, cleaner and alternative choices for skin care and color cosmetics are making a huge impact in the beauty world today. This is major, after all our largest organ is our skin.

Are there any foods you would suggest to lead to healthier skin?

First of all…water, water, water. Eat as many vegetables as possible in their purest state (meaning not deep fried, lol). Cut out the sugar, artificial sugar and synthetic food enhancers, processed food, GMO’s, alcohol etcetera etcetera. Think organic, clean and green, as that is what the body functions best with. My best advice is also probiotics, probiotics, probiotics. Never underestimate the power of gut health for the whole system and the brain.

What made you decide to dive into beauty supplements in addition to color cosmetics?

I always say, “I’m a firm believer that your skin is a mirror to your gut.” So what’s going on in your gut is going to have repercussions to your face (skin). It was inevitable that I finally created these invaluable products as a major catalyst for overall health and beauty.

How can avid brunchers like us benefit from taking RMS ingestibles like your digestive enzyme or probiotic + prebiotic?

Enzymes are a key factor in promoting good digestive health and the rms beauty within digestive enzyme has been uniquely formulated to help women get the most benefit out of their foods. The rms beauty within probiotic + prebiotic helps allow the gut restore its proper balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria, which is vital for our overall health and beauty. The digestive enzyme was geared towards a woman diet helps the body digest fat, grains, dairy, protein, vegetables and sugar (including alcohol), allowing for better nutrient absorption internally. Both supplements are targeted to help with the balance of the gut and proper breakdown of the foods you eat so including both of these products into your daily ritual is really beneficial for enhancing over-all beauty and well being.

What’s next for RMS Beauty?

I have been going on and on for years about the gut/skin/health connection. I have expanded into supplements and launched RMS Beauty Within which includes a probiotic + prebiotic combo and a digestive enzyme. We don’t know where this will take us, but we are not stopping on releasing new makeup products. What’s next is a secret now but you will all see soon.

Could you describe some of the struggles and successes you’ve come by so far as an entrepreneur?

I am going to be honest and tell you the struggles seem to never stop. Right from the beginning I had trouble finding labs and the right packaging. Labs would say it is way too expensive for them, too time consuming or they weren’t interested in doing organic. Truth be told, most chemists have no clue on how to do organic or natural clean products. They are coming from a chemistry 101 back ground with no real knowledge of formulation on working with very natural ingredients. Packaging is another undesirable part of the industry. Working with so many middle men that don’t have a clue what they are peddling which is mostly cheap plastic. The list goes on. But all in all, I love a challenge and I never took no for an answer. The reward of seeing your products on store shelves and people opening their hearts to your products is the best reward ever.

Do you have any advice for women out there looking to start their own businesses?

YES! Do not take no for an answer. Go with your first gut instinct, always. Know every aspect of what it is you are doing and why. Get rid of people that pull you down, and most of all don’t give up.

Now, let’s shift gears to brunch. It’s what we do! What’s your favorite brunch dish to eat?

An organic green juice or smoothie first thing and I do love an avocado toast on healthy grain bread. My other weakness is biscuits- I love biscuits!

How can our readers find the perfect balance between staying healthy and enjoying city life?

That is a hard question as there is no perfect balance. As an astrologer, I do look at planetary movement which can have a great influence. Alignment of planets call the shots at difficult times in our lives. Knowing some of this can be extremely helpful as it prepares one for both the hard times and harmonious times. However, one of the best remedies would be an escape to nature, clean air and the ocean. Mine is to eat! I love eating. It grounds me.

Bloody Mary or mimosa?


What is your favorite spot to grab brunch in NYC?

Quartino on Bleecker

If you had to invite five people to brunch, who would they be?

Oh no…….you don’t want to know. The norm has never interested me and I don’t think people would be able to handle my answer. However, I honestly prefer one-on-one brunches.


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