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Bitch At Us: Chef Michael Mina

The Head Bitches in Charge, Becca and Cori Sue, were invited to Las Vegas for Bon Appetit magazine’s 9th annual Vegas Uncork’d event. The Bitches were lucky enough to rub elbows with some of the greatest chefs in the world, try some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas, and enjoy all that the city has to offer. This interview is part of the Uncork’d series, featuring stories and interviews from the weekend. Thanks for having us, Bon Appetit!


If you’ve ever had a power breakfast, lunch, or dinner in Georgetown, it was undoubtedly at Bourbon Steak. The beautiful restaurant in the Four Seasons has played host to countless celebrities, politicians, and typical businesswomen like yours truly, agonizing over some really important decisions—truffle fries or regular fries?

The gorgeous restaurant is the brainchild of Chef Michael Mina, who has duplicated the concept in restaurants across the country. In fact, the Michael Mina Group is nothing but carefully created eateries in the classiest of locales. Indeed, he even masterminded the concept and menu behind Wit & Wisdon in the Four Seasons in Baltimore, which Cori Sue and I experienced a year ago.

So when I had the chance to watch the famous chef in action—and even meet him and chat with him in person—oh, I jumped at it. That chance came in Las Vegas, where Mina was joined by Emeril Lagasse and relegated to playing sous chef while a pair of culinary students ordered the duo around in a grand battle to make the best possible seafood dish.

Chefs Battle at Vegas Uncork'd

I’m not kidding—read more about the event and my interview with Emeril Lagasse here. After I chatted with Emeril, I managed to snag a few minutes with the other star of the show, Chef Michael Mina, and of course I wanted to know all about his brunching habits. Here’s what he had to say.

What’s your brunch philosophy?

I love brunch. I think it’s actually one of my favorite meals to go out for. We go out for brunch almost every Sunday. I go to Foreign Cinema in San Francisco. They have a great brunch. It’s that combination that you can have morning food or afternoon food, so you always find something on the menu you want to eat.

If you were to create a new brunch menu, what would you be thinking about?

With any menu, you’re always thinking about traditions that you want to do with twists on them based on the restaurant. At Bardot, we do duck and waffles instead of chicken and waffles. Things like that.

What is your favorite dish to order for brunch?

At Foreign Cinema, I always have pop tarts. They make the most amazing pop tarts. It’s my favorite dish; I start with it every time.

What about brunch cocktails? What are you drinking?

I’m just very jaded because my wife is in the Bloody Mary business. She’s bottling her own Bloody Marys. She grows Japanese tomatoes in a vineyard at our house. She does really the most amazing Bloody Mary you’ll ever have in your life. I never go anywhere for a Bloody Mary. Always hers.

What’s next for brunch in your restaurants?

We’re introducing more brunches and it’s always based on where it is if there’s the volume for it. Sometimes we’ll do both a traditional buffet and an a la care menu and sometimes it’s just a la carte.

Chefs Battle at Vegas Uncork'd


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