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Bistrot Zinc Brunch

This weekend was the weekend of all weekends. One word: Beyoncé. That’s right—this past Friday night, I had a hot date, with one Queen Bey. Traffic to and from Soldier field, thunderstorms and torrential downpour, plus the threat of a possible canceled concert couldn’t stop us. My mother had flown into town from D.C. just for the concert, and with my sister Ashley, the three of us braved the harsh conditions, and ultimately were rewarded with the performance of a lifetime.

Beyoncé hit the stage and despite the rain pouring down on her and everyone else at Soldier Field, nothing could stop her from rocking the house. The concert was, to say the least, memorable. She slayed and we had a great time. It was awesome to have the concert on Friday because it gave my mom, sister, and me to have some much needed girls time. So of course, we brunched.

We had spent all weekend at my apartment on the West Side of town, so on Sunday, we decided to go hang out in my sister’s neighborhood: the Gold Coast. It was a gorgeous, sunny day, and while we didn’t want to sit outside for brunch (it was too hot for that,) I was craving a well lit environment with open windows. A favorite restaurant of mine is Bistrot Zinc, a lovely French restaurant in the heart of the Gold Coast. The restaurant has huge front windows that in summer are open facing the street. You can enjoy the light breeze that passes through, while people watching out onto the streets—it is lovely.

Bistro Zinc Brunch

I had never been to Bistrot Zinc for brunch, but I was confident it would be a great choice because dinner service is fantastic there, and also my mom, sister and I are self-proclaimed francophiles, and French food is no exception from our great admiration for everything French.

Bistro Zinc Brunch

We arrived at the restaurant and were seated at a lovely table against the side wall, perfectly situated near the large open windows at the front of the restaurant. We were promptly greeted by our lovely server and quickly ordered some breakfast cocktails. My mother opted for a normal mimosa, while Ashley and I chose two prosecco cocktails; hers with St. Germain and mine with peach nectar. They were all delicious.

Bistro Zinc Brunch

For entrees, it appeared as if all three of us were leaning towards savory items, which was unfortunate because there were some enticing sweet options like a brioche French Toast and a banana Nutella crêpe. I couldn’t bear the idea of not having something sweet to compliment our savory dishes so I decided to order the banana and Nutella crêpe for us to start with. And what a great decision that was; the crêpe came out perfectly folded and topped with a delicious dollop of mascarpone. We all enjoyed it, and actually had a tiff about who should have the last bite—it was just that good!

Bistro Zinc Brunch

For entrees, I went simple and opted for the scrambled eggs served with breakfast potatoes with onions and herbs, and bacon. The eggs were cooked perfectly, and I enjoyed everything about my dish, down to the brioche toast served on the side.

Bistro Zinc Brunch

My sister had decided before we even arrived at Bistrot Zinc that she was craving a croque monsieur. It came out atop of a bed of crispy stringy french fries.  The cheese was fried perfectly on the sides of the toast and Ashley said it was one of the best croque monsieurs she ever had. It was soggy, but not to the point of the sandwich falling a part. It was still crispy on the outside yet perfectly gooey and cheesy on the inside.

Bistro Zinc Brunch

My mother opted for the quiche du jour, a slice of mushroom and goat cheese quiche served with a side salad. I was excited to try a bite of it, and I can say on behalf of both my mother and myself, that it was delicious. The crust was perfectly crispy, and the quiche was full of flavor.

Bistro Zinc Brunch

We ended our meal with another round of cocktails and a latte for me. Bistrot Zinc transports you to France for a moment in time; the soft music in the background, the ambiance of the bright and cheerful dining room, and the sounds of passerby’s walking past in the beautiful weather makes for an awesome brunch in the heart of the Gold Coast.

Bistro Zinc Brunch

The Bitches Say: A. This French bistro perfectly embodies what is desirable about a French restaurant, and brunch was no exception. Their execution of classic French brunch dishes is simply wonderful, and the beauty of the restaurant itself is just another great thing about this spot. We especially loved the openness of the windows at the front of the restaurant.

Bistrot Zinc
(312) 337-1131
1131 N State St.
Chicago, IL, 60610

Bistrot Zinc serves weekend brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.


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