Bellagio Buffet Brunch in Las Vegas

I just spent eight days in Vegas (for work). And let me tell you, eight days in that city takes its toll. It’s taken me this long just to get out of my post-Vegas funk and actually write something.

There’s just too much fun to be had in the City of Sin. I mean, you might as well indulge: If greed is your sin, hit the blackjack tables. If it’s lust, there are plenty of strip clubs. If you’re gluttonous, head to the Bellagio Buffet. That’s what I did. Like, as soon as we rolled off the plane. And I dragged my boss to the eat-fest, too. (I’m in Vegas!! Weeeee!!)

Photo credit: Becca Clara Love

Photo credit: Becca Clara Love

I had been to the Bellagio Buffet once before, in August, on Day Four of a four-day bender to kick off my newly acquired singledom. My girls and I spent three hours soaking up three Vegas nights with an obscene amount of food. Anyone nearby our table must have thought we hadn’t eaten all weekend.

But how can you resist? The Bellagio Buffet is so incredible. It has everything: Italian, Japanese, Chinese, seafood and American cuisines. Mountains of crab legs. Every kind of fish you can imagine. A rainbow of a sushi bar. Fresh, oven-baked pizza with every topping. Turkey, pork, beef, lamb, duck … all carved for you and set up with appropriate sides. Fresh fruit and veggies. An entire breakfast spread with eggs, bacon, sausages and everything else you’d want on your breakfast plate. And the desserts—good God.

Oh, and did I mention bottomless mimosas? But, of course. This place is my heaven.

Photo credit: Becca Clara Love

Photo credit: Becca Clara Love

Photo credit: Becca Clara Love

Photo credit: Becca Clara Love

Photo credit: Becca Clara Love

Photo credit: Becca Clara Love

This is the kind of once-in-a-lifetime buffet-of-your-dreams that you have to attack with strategy. Otherwise, it will topple you quickly. Here’s my advice:

1. Walk around the entire buffet and take note of what they’re offering before you dive in.

2. Go for the smaller plates so you don’t pile up mountains of food. This will also make you walk back and forth to the buffet for more rounds: more walking, more food.

3. Avoid the breads, bagels, and pastries. Stick with seafood and meat. It’s not often you can get amazing Chilean sea bass AND Kobe beef on one plate.

4. Try a different cuisine with each round: First, sushi. Second, salads. Third, all different types of fish. Fourth, breakfast. And so on.

5. Go for small portions, but try everything.

6. Wear a loose dress or stretchy pants. Seriously. No one is looking at you. Everyone is ravenous for the food.

7. Avoid the ridiculous line to get in by offering to sit at the bar. You’re not there for conversation with your friends anyway.

Viva la Gluttony!

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