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It was another weekend of incredible beaching, dining, and brunching in Miami. While Miami is often branded as a city for beaches, beautiful people, and nightlife, its food scene is incredible. I’ve had some of my most memorable meals—and brunches—in Miami. (In particular, Bazaar at SLS, Morgan’s and 27 Restaurant at The Freehand.)

Social Bitch Annie and I were traipsing around Miami, and we were in for a memorable weekend of meals. Our dinners at Beaker & Grey and NaiYaRa were incredible, and our brunches were top-notch. We headed to South Beach to a charming little neighborhood called South of Fifth, with charming little rows of white-washed, stucco buildings. We valeted the car out front of Bakehouse, and immediately loved the blue-and-white, happy exterior and topiaries out front.


Bakehouse Brasserie is a charming French spot specializing in breakfast, brunch, and pastries. Inside, it is gilded, grey, and marble, making for a glamorous spot for brunch. Upon entering, you look down onto the restaurant, with its stunning, marble-and-copper bar, and a high-top, communal table in the center of the space. On this particular Saturday, Bakehouse was filled with Miami’s beautiful people brunching and enjoying the day.


We chose to sit outside, as the weather and the lighting were too perfect to ignore. We were seated to the side of the restaurant, in the shade. It was 80 degrees with a light breeze—i.e. the perfect Miami day. We began with cappuccinos and coffees—Bakehouse serves coffee from local roastery Panther Coffee. Our cappuccinos were perfectly executed—two of us ordered second rounds. We also can recommend the fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, which left us feeling refreshed and ready for a little hair of the dog.


Annie and I both ordered mimosas—a pineapple coconut for me and a berry version for her. The cocktails were served in coupe glasses, our preferred glassware. I loved my cocktail, which was light, and frothy, with hints of pineapple and coconut making it reminiscent of a Piña Colada. Meanwhile, Annie found her berry variety to be a bit too artificial—but noted another palate may have enjoyed it.


We opted to share everything, choosing the salmon tartare and a selection of pastries: pan au chocolat, a pecan cinnamon roll, and a maple bacon cinnamon roll. As this is a French bakehouse, the pan au chocolat was expectedly delicious, baked in the classic style with a chocolate center and the moist, flaky dough.


These cinnamon rolls were undoubtedly some of the best we’ve ever had—enormous, warm, and oh-so-gooey, these ‘rolls brought that level of decadent satisfaction that only a delicious pastry can provide. If I had to choose, I would say I preferred the apple pecan roll, Annie would say the cinnamon roll, though they were both utter heaven.


The salmon tartare was beautiful: raw, fresh chunks of pink salmon and avocado served in an olive and chive oil, and salt concoction. We only wished the dish had been larger, or that we had ordered two.


By the time my entree arrived, I was incredibly full, but it’s hard for me to turn down steak frites. This particular steak frites was delectable—I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised given that it’s a French restaurant. The petite Angus filet was cooked to my liking, and salted perfectly. Like the other dishes on the table, it was served with thin, crispy frites sprinkled with salt and parsley. They were decadent. We all agreed that we loved the house-made ketchup, which has a smoked tomato flavor to it. It was a nice touch that we all appreciated.


We also tried the Croque Madame, which was enormous and served in the classic style: topped with Bechamel sauce and a beautifully fried egg. It was too big even for the boy to make much of a dent.

Not one to be deterred, Annie ordered two entrees: the yogurt and granola and the breakfast sandwich. Because Bitches don’t like to have to choose. A fruit parfait is often the true test of the quality of a brunch restaurant. Its simplicity as a dish means that every component stands out. Annie happily reported that this one was well-executed, with fresh strawberries and blueberries, in an enormous bowl of thick Greek yogurt cover with wildflower honey which added a nice touch of sweetness.


She was overwhelmed by the bacon, egg, and cheese croissant, which was so large, it easily could have been an omelet with a side of the French pastry. She only got a few bites in but enjoyed the hearty twist on the plain BEC.


When in Miami, you’d be remiss to not try the Cuban. Bernie’s Cuban was another large sandwich, with French ham, gruyere, duck confit, and house pickles on a rustic baguette. The duck confit was a subtle touch that elevated the sandwich. We appreciate the tang of vinegar added by the house pickles and noshed on the side of thin cut fries.


The Bitches say: A. This is a charming spot with a glamorous yet inviting ambiance, friendly and accommodating service, and incredible brunch fare. It’s definitely worth a visit next time you find yourself on South Beach.

Bakehouse Brasserie
808 First Street
South Beach
Miami, FL

Author: Cori Sue

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