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B Too Brunch II

I had the best Saturday ever. It was a gorgeous early June day that was not too hot, not too humid, but just right.

I woke up early and ran a 10K at a speedy pace. Then I enjoyed an early brunch at B Too and embarked on a spontaneous sailing trip on the Chesapeake Bay. That evening, I ate fried seafood and drank margaritas on a dock, and then caught up on copies of Vogue on my patio all evening until it was time for bed.

Yep, it was perfect. My company for the day? Two tall, handsome, all-American, preppy lads. Most importantly, they’re good ole’ boys who are both gentlemen and scholars—and a heck of a lot of fun to be around.
It was also a great day because my two friends, Scott and Luke, are both lawyers who work so much that I hardly ever see them—even though they live across the street. We headed to B Too, which opens at 9 a.m. rather than 11 a.m. like most of its neighbors. We snagged a seat under an umbrella on the patio and began to peruse the menu.

B Too Brunch 16

This girl likes her options, and it’s in that vein that I appreciate that B Too offers a wide range of cocktails at brunch. In addition to a B Too mimosa, B Too offers several other cava cocktails: a Bellini with crème de peche, white cranberry, and cava; the Napoleon on 14th, with Mandarine Napoleon liquor, orange juice, and cava; and Le Belo Rose, with crème de fraise, grapefruit, and cava.

In the way of Bloody Marys, there’s a B&B Mary, with bacon and bourbon, a Bloody Oyster, made with smoked oyster vodka, and a Bloody Beer, with tomato, white beer, and vodka. And, of course, there’s a plain ole’ Bloody Mary for the traditionalists, but that sounds kind of dull given the other options.

As I’m a coffee aficionado, I appreciate there are also three coffee cocktails offered on B Too’s menu, and international themed, no less: Belgian chocolate milk with Baileys, a Mexican latte with espresso and Patron XO Café, and a Belgian coffee, with coffee, young Jenever, and whipped cream.

Traditionalists ourselves, we three selected coffees and mimosas. Our gregarious waiter was attentive and dressed in a Canadian tuxedo, which he said was his Saturday uniform. He kept our coffee mugs full and our water glasses filled, a noteworthy accomplishment given the fact we’d all just run a race on a hot summer morning.

B Too Brunch 9

Similarly, the dining options at B Too’s brunch are plentiful. The lunch menu is offered at brunch, and the brunch menu is vast, with more than a dozen types of waffles, egg dishes, skillets, unique brunch fare, and fruit and yogurt options to start.

Having had waffles at B Too before, I opted to peruse other portions of the menu, as did my gentlemen cohorts. Waffles that caught our eyes, however, included a Nutella banana rendition, a lobster waffle, a mussels waffle, and the ever-popular cornbread waffle, with pulled pork, avocado, sunnyside up eggs, and sour cream.

My eyes immediately seized upon the bucket of bacon, which Becca had eaten at our last brunch years ago but I had not been able to sample. At the time, Becca had griped that there was a paltry few slices of bacon in the bucket. B Too must have listened to her Bitching, because on this occasion I found the bucket of bacon to be filled to the brim. There were plenty of slices for all three of us, and, when the boys were finished, I shamelessly polished off the rest.

“You always were one of those small people who could eat a lot,” said Scott, who is six-foot-five-inches. Though these gents were far taller and therefore required many more calories, you wouldn’t have known it had you just looked at our finished plates. (Clean plate club, Mom!)

Luke chose the Green Egg “McWaffle,” a waffle sandwich with smoked salmon, egg, tomato and cheese on the inside served with avocado slices. As the gents regularly have breakfast early at B Too, Luke said the McWaffle was “excellent as always.”

He added, “Belgian foodstuffs are usually associates with heavy, sleepy fare—but B Too has a consistent knack for avoiding the too-large-portion and keeping whatever lands on your plate as light and savory, and yet still filling.”

B Too Brunch 3

Scott selected the skillet of eggs, served with lobster, potatoes, and chives. This was an enormous, rich dish served in a skillet, filled to the brim with hot, creamy lobster sauce, eggs, and an entire lobster tail. I looked on in envy.

I selected the Fancy Hash Browns, also served in a skillet. A layer of salty, crispy, buttery hash browns topped layered with poached eggs and smoked salmon, and topped with a generous dollop of sour cream and black caviar.

The other option for fancy hash browns is a skillet made with black truffle, duck confit, melted foie gras and duck egg, which sounded both decadent and unique. I just can’t handle foie gras, too rich and too many sad images from PETA. Poor quackers.

B Too Brunch 12

My dish was delicious, and despite its hearty nature (potatoes, salmon, sour cream) was filling without being debilitating.

Pushing back our plates, we asked for the check. “I’m taking the day off from work,” said Scott, who normally heads into the firm on Saturdays. “You want to blow off your plans and go sailing?”

And thus the best day ever continued.

The Bitches say: A-. A solid, reliable meal, with great service on a lovely patio and equally stunning restaurant. The prices are a little steep, even in comparison to other Logan Circle restaurants, without the cuisine being any better than some of its neighbors, however.

B Too
1320 14th St. N.W.
Washington, D.C.
(202) 627-2800

B Too serves brunch Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and breakfast on weekdays starting at 7 a.m.

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