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Nestled in the newly developed Lovejoy Wharf with a beautiful view of the Zakim Bridge, Alcove is a warm neighborhood restaurant serving sustainable and delicious meals. I joined Bitches Who Brunch CEO, Maggie, at Alcove on a rainy Sunday morning for a brunch meeting – because of course that’s how we do meetings around here! As I walked towards the restaurant, I could not help but stop and admire the amazing location. I took in the view for a moment but as the rain started to pick up, I continued down the breezeway and upon entering was promptly welcomed by the hostess.

While walking to the table I admired the sleek design of the space. Everything is simplistic and there is a great mural wall of a topographic map in the private dining room. Once at the table, I took a look at the menu but already had my mind set on a couple of things from some prior research (in bed, the night before).

Alcove 5

We skipped coffee and asked our waiter Eric what his favorite cocktails were. He suggested the “fluffy bee” and the “Ceylon sour.” We also trusted Eric to choose our charcuterie plate and he chose La Quercia prosciutto. Our drinks arrived and after the first sip, I decided to check the ingredients. I am glad that I trusted our waiter because I would have never thought to order a drink made of egg white, pollen, ginger, and honey, but it was so light and refreshing. The Ceylon sour was also a nice choice although neither Maggie or I could tell there was cherry in the cocktail. What the cherry flavor lacked the nutmeg flavor picked up. Soon after tasting our drinks the La Quercia prosciutto arrived. It looked almost too beautiful to eat, Eric explained to us that this dish was a take on the Italian gnocco fritto (or fried savory dough). The plate included whole wheat fried dough, an abundance of fresh prosciutto topped with a balsamic glaze and fresh stracciatella cheese (if you have ever had buratta it is the delicious center).

Alcove 6

As we tried not to fill up on out our appetizer, we slowly sipped our drinks and decided on some pastries to try, I had my eye on the cinnamon roll and Maggie went with the pesto Danish. The cinnamon roll was a great size and was covered with the sugary goodness that I expected, but I wished I had asked for the roll to be warmed. It was a bit dense. The pesto Danish surprised us both. There was some added crunch on the outside and the pesto flavor was baked into the dough although thankfully it did not act as a filling. We agreed that we would have enjoyed this warmed as well. I am not sure how we still had room for our actual meals but somehow we made it happen.

Alcove 4

With our main course we decided there was also room for one more drink each.  The passionfruit and grapefruit mimosas caught our eyes.  I would recommend the passionfruit to someone who enjoys something sweet and the grapefruit to someone who enjoys some subtle flavor. I did prefer the craft cocktails over the mimosas but these were a nice twist on a classic brunch offering.

Alcove 2

After some deliberation on what to order for our main dishes, I went with something that is far outside of my comfort zone: the poached eggs. They were served with pork belly, eggplant caponata, and chorizo sauce vierge. The meal was bursting with flavor and although I normally enjoy eating each part of my meal separately, this flavor combination had me rethinking my organized eating habits. Maggie went a more traditional route and ordered the fried chicken sandwich. This sandwich was topped with a fried egg and the jalapeño aïoli gave it a kick. The bun of the sandwich looked promising and as a lover of carbs, I was excited to take a bite. Sadly fell short of my expectations, the fried chicken was great and but a good breakfast sandwich starts with a good base, the bun. I was personally hoping to bit into a soft warm bun, the sandwich was much better open-faced.

Alcove 1

Alcove 3

I will be heading back to Alcove soon to test out there other charcuterie boards, pastries, and craft cocktails. The sleek interior and private dining space would make this the perfect location to celebrate a birthday, engagement, or graduation.

The Bitches Say: four Champagne Flutes

Alcove should be at the top of your list for a chic, detail-oriented brunch where you will find beautifully crafted cocktails and a wide variety of offerings.


Kayla Mills

Boston Fitness & Food Editor

If she is not filling her week with solo dates to the gym you can bet she is trying out a new boutique fitness class, listening to a podcast or shopping (for food or fashion). Kayla is a 5 time Whole30 veteran and Moscow Mule drinker who will sing almost any Destiny's Child song at karaoke as long as she can be Beyoncé.

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