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Adolphus Hotel Staycation and City Hall Bistro Brunch in Dallas

An impromptu trip to Dallas had me in the city for only 24 hours. I was invited to see Justin Bieber in concert and had scheduled a meeting with an old colleague. It should have been a breezy, quick trip.

But over brunch in Chicago with the lovely Kate from Wagstaff Worldwide, my trip took a turn, as I was invited to stay at the The Adolphus Hotel in Dallas and check out the brand new brunch at City Hall Bistro in the hotel. Lucky me.

City Hall Bistro Brunch

Dallas is hot. Man, oh man, I was not prepared for the heat. Thankfully, the A/C on my ride over was on full blast. I arrived at the hotel, and I was in awe of how gorgeous it was. The architecture is stunning, and the decor is a dreamy vintage homage to the Hotel’s past.

The hotel has history. The Adolphus Hotel is located in Downtown Dallas, near Dealey Plaza. During November 1963, the hotel was booked solid for guests visiting to see President John F. Kennedy’s motorcade ride through downtown while on his visit to Dallas. There guests cheered from balconies and windows as the President’s motorcade drove by through Dealey Plaza, the spot place where he was fatally shot by Lee Harvey Oswald.

I can’t lie; upon discovering this, it was kind of chilling trying to imagine the scene of pure chaos. You can just visualize people in the 1960s, gathered here, anxious for this momentous occasion, then witnessing one of the most devastating incidents in American history.

I was staying at the hotel with my good friend who lives in Houston, just a few hours away from Dallas. As we entered the hotel’s lobby we were graciously greeted by a charming manager, who was accommodating to our every need.

City Hall Bistro Brunch

The ambiance of The Adolphus is old, classic, Hollywood glamour, mixed with the updates of a modern boutique hotel. The crown molding, charming fireplaces, high ceilings, and antique furniture really make the hotel beautiful and charming. I especially loved the plush, velvet couches and the vintage pieces on the second floor in the main sitting room.

The elevators are no exception to the historic elements of the hotel. They are all-gold, with old buttons, and are extremely small. Still, they were charming despite how claustrophobic I felt on the ride up. Hoping for a room with a good view, we were disappointed with the first room, and the front desk staff were so nice as to move out room. While the view was better, it did not have stunning views of Downtown Dallas, unfortunately.

The room was awesome though; a large bed, room to get ready, and a fairly large bathroom. Often with older, more historic hotels, you can expect the rooms to be somewhat smaller than more modern hotel’s that are developed in more recent years. The rooms at the Adolphus were spacious and roomy.

The Adolphus Hotel

Ready to beat the heat, we headed down to the hotel’s pool located on the 6th floor. As we opened the doors to the roof deck, our jaws dropped. The pool area was an absolute oasis; cabana areas in the back providing shade, patio tables and round couches by the pool, and back bar. The pool was small, but reminiscent of a luxury hotel in Vegas, less the tons of drunk, obnoxious, and scantily clad individuals.

The Adolphus Hotel

The pool had a waterfall, and additionally a shallow area that had several lounge chairs to lay in and catch some rays. After enjoying summer cocktails and hanging out poolside for some time, we had our fair share of sun and retreated to our room for a little down time before hitting the town.

Dallas is a vibrant city, and after visiting Houston with my HBIC Cori Sue, I have fallen in love with Texas. The people are lovely, the buildings are gorgeous, and the vibe is funky. I’ll have to check Austin off my Texas bucket list next.

City Hall Bistro Brunch

The next day, we headed to City Hall Bistro, located on the second floor of the hotel, for a brunch before my flight. City Hall Bistro is a hidden gem. Of course, the hotel informs you of the restaurant, but it is tucked away in the back of the lobby area.  Upon entering, you have been transported to a modern restaurant, with subtle, minimalist decor; gold light fixtures and accents complement the rich light brown tables and leather tufted couches. The space is well lit, and the white walls provide a bright ambiance despite the lack of natural light in the space.

On to the food. City Hall Bistro has a delicate and developed menu, I would say. Thoughtful and unique dishes are throughout the Southern and European inspired menu. The menu is divided into six categories; Garden, Egg, “Hmm”, On the Side, Coffee and Tea, and Juices. I tried to cover as much ground as possible.

City Hall Bistro Brunch

We ordered the chia seed bowl to start, and I must say that this might have been my favorite dish. Not one to order a chia dish normally, this sounded too good not to try. Made with apple, dried fruit, goji berries, cinnamon, this was light, fragrant and flavorful.

City Hall Bistro Brunch

For the egg course, I went with the migas plate, spicy chorizo, morcilla, caramelized peppers, potato crisps, and topped with a fried egg. It was savory and delicious.

City Hall Bistro Brunch

I also ordered the avocado tartine, which was fantastic. The tomato pulp added a richness to the avocado, while roasted garlic and thyme  seasoned the tartine perfectly. Topped with a poached farm egg, I thoroughly enjoyed this dish.

City Hall Bistro Brunch

Finally for a side dish, the papas bravas was an obvious choice. They were yummy, and the garlic aioli and smoked paprika were great.

City Hall Bistro Brunch

If you are headed to Dallas, I highly recommend The Adolphus Hotel. The staff is wonderful, the hotel is charming and exudes a historic element parallel to other older hotels, the pool is as refreshing as they come to beat the Dallas heat, and City Hall Bistro is by far one of the best hotel restaurants I have been to. City Hall Bistro should honestly opening a second location.

The Bitches Say: A. For a hotel restaurant, City Hall Bistro is as good as they come. The restaurant executes a perfect breakfast that will leavve any brunch-goer in Dallas satisfied.

The Adolphus Hotel and City Hall Bistro
1321 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX

City Hall Bistro serves breakfast on weekdays from 6:30 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. and on weekends until 3:00 p.m.


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