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5 Best Pancakes in NYC

Pancakes. Hot cakes. Flapjacks. Griddle cakes. Call them what you like, but one thing we can all agree on is that these fluffy morsels are a delicious brunch classic. We perused our archives and handpicked a few of our favorite pancakes in the city in honor of National Pancake Day. Enjoy!

Malted Pancakes

Sunday in Brooklyn

Just. Look. At. These. Pancakes. Served with a slice of brown butter on top, these flapjacks are fluffy and scoured in a slightly sweet, malted sauce, rather than your typical syrup. It’s interesting, but in the most delicious way. If you go to brunch at Sunday in Brooklyn and skip out on trying these pancakes, these Bitches will be very disappointed in you. 348 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY


Five Leaves

The unbelievable towering stack of ricotta pancakes not only secured Five Leaves our “Best Brunch of 2015”, but also our best pancakes award of the year. All the more reason to run, not walk, to this Greenpoint bistro. 18 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY



The sweet potato pancakes caught our eye at this Clinton Hill hotspot, and this outstanding dish stood on its own without syrup. We found these SoCo hot cakes to be unique, naturally sweet, and perfectly fluffy. 509 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

reynard brunch


The pancakes at Reynard are thin and light, yet fabulously decadent with a creamy topping. We enjoyed our flapjacks at this relaxed restaurant, despite it being a trendy hotspot housed in a trendier hotel situated in the trendiest Brooklyn hood. 80 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY


La Sirena

This towering stack of amaretti mascarpone pancakes with maple syrup and Sirena butter, topped with sweet crunchies, won the gold medal during our brunch at La Sirena88 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY



Ann Louise

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